Tuesday, December 10

Everything a toy store should be

Working at Toys Я Us this holiday season has brought back many wonderful memories for Momma of going to Children's Palace in Columbus, Ohio as a child.

Growing up in a small town in southeast Ohio, Momma said there was nothing like the experience of walking into the huge toy wonderland on West Broad Street.

Children's Palace was a well-known toy chain on the East Coast. The chain was known for its warehouse-style merchandising, long aisles, and overstock storage above the selling-floor shelves.

Children's Palace was also known for making its stores resemble castles, complete with turrets, battlements, and three arches (two small, one large) in the front door.

After the acquisition of Children's Palace, Child World became the second largest toy retailer in the United States after Toys Я Us, its chief competitor. 

From 1977 until its closure in 1992, Child World also operated the Children's Palace chain and incorporated most of its castle theme features from Children's Palace into Child World stores.



  1. I remember Children's Palace!! We lived just north of Dayton, Ohio from 1976-1983 and that was always such a treat to visit!!