Wednesday, March 1

Faux food, real quality

Momma and I love chatting online with Winter, owner of Faux Real Food. She's smart, funny, and compassionate - and LOVES custom requests.

Knowing this, we had to ask her some questions. 

Steampunk Addie: What is your favorite doll food to make? 

Faux Real Food: My favorite doll food to make is anything I haven't made before. I love my customers, they consistently request unique and fascinating menu items and accessories. I feel very fortunate to be able to do interesting work.

SA: What was your favorite (or most memorable) custom request?

FRF: My favorite custom request? This is a tough question, there are so many I've enjoyed. These leap immediately to mind; I had a great time making a complete menu for a Mexican food cart, very detailed and time consuming but so cool when finished. Corned beef and cabbage dinner was a terrific challenge, Caroline's fish and Lima bean dinners turned out very well. I did a series of giant cake cookies with different themes for each month, those made me hungry! There are so many others. 

My most memorable requests so far have been a squid shaped tumor in a tiny glass jar filled with moonshine, an everlasting gobstopper based on the early 1970s movie and an old-fashioned slop bucket. Some dolls have more interesting homes than I do! 

Ooh, Momma just told me she asked Winter to make my birthday cake! Whee! April 9th can't get here fast enough!!

Check out Winter's website at View tutorials, reviews, and sign up for the newsletter to receive special offers. Free shipping until March 15 with orders over $15. Use code FEBFREE17 at checkout.

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  1. Wow! Winter has skills! And it's really cool she does tutorials so you can make your own too. :)