Sunday, April 13

This week in the Civil War: April 13, 1864

Forrest’s Confederate raiders capture Fort Pillow, Tenn.

Confederate raider Nathan B. Forrest attacked Fort Pillow in Tenn. on April 12, 1864 — 150 years ago during the Civil War. The fort located some 45 miles up the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tenn., was manned by hundreds of Union troops, including more than 200 African-American soldiers. Forrest’s cavalry of about 2,500 fighters seized the outer defenses and surrounded the fort. Union forces, after withering fire, refused to surrender and the Confederates waged an all-out attack and seized the fort. Only 62 of the African-American soldiers on the Union side survived amid high casualties and Union complaints of atrocities that the South denied. After the fight was over, Confederate raiders withdrew quickly and the Confederate battle victory did little strategically for the South to disrupt federal forces operating in the region.

Friday, April 11

The Amazing Momma the Great

Momma and I are featured today in Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog!

If you are new to my blog and the doll world let me tell you its a great community. Recently I became friends with the wonderful and creative lady behind the spectacular Steampunk Addie!

Greta is also one of the newest members of our Dolls For A Cause group and I am so very excited to have her join us!

Want to read more? Go to Karen's post, The Amazing People You Meet In The Dolly World- Greta and Steampunk Addie!

P.S. A little secret? There's a coupon code for Momma's Etsy shop at the end of Karen's post!

Wednesday, April 9

Birthday suit

Greta Garb-oh!
Shh, I now know Queen Victoria's secret.

Under her austere widow's weeds and resting on top of her birthday suit, lurked a lively Lolo Lobster Tail Bustle!

(Yes, Momma is having way too much fun making these!)

Momma has three of these lively Lolo Lobster Tail Bustles in her Etsy shop, but hopes to add more soon.

Speaking of birthday suits, today is My birthday!

Happy birthday to Me and my doppelgänger, Addy Walker.

To celebrate, today you can receive 10 percent off in Momma's Etsy shop. Just use code BIRTHDAY2014.

But hurry, this offer expires April 10th!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....

Tuesday, April 8

Suit yourself

Greta Garb-oh!
Momma and I are proud to present the second outfit in her Greta Garb-oh! Collection: a two-piece 1870s Super Suit PLUS a coordinating Lobster Tail Bustle and Petticoat. Both are based upon patterns by Thimbles and Acorns.

Momma's Super Suit is as wild and crazy as a day at ComiCon. Not only does it feature Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, but it has the bold onomatopoeic words (Bam! Pow! Wham!) associated with comics, and the coordinating petticoat and bustle has the stars seen in cartoons after a stunning blow to the head.

After making my Super Suit, Momma decided to add gold lame to the cuffs in homage to Wonder Woman's bulletproof bracelets. A gold lasso of truth is attached at the waist, but can be removed if desired.

(I'm jealous. I want bulletproof bracelets, too!)

Sunday, April 6

This week in the Civil War: April 6, 1864

The Red River Campaign

Union forces in the spring of 1864 launched a joint Army-Navy incursion up the Red River in a bid for control of western Louisiana and Arkansas. It would be the last major campaign by the Union’s so-called Mississippi Squadron. The aim was to penetrate deep into the Confederacy and shut off a key Southern supply route from Texas. Thousands of Union soldiers marched inland from New Orleans toward northwest Louisiana with plans to join up with the naval fleet steaming upriver. The Union gunboats began gathering on the lower river in mid-March 1864 and moved upriver over coming weeks. But Union commanders encountered problems with low river levels and could only move 12 of their gunboats north of the falls near Alexandria, La. On April 8, 1864, Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor attacked federal forces at the Battle of Mansfield in Louisiana. Though outnumbered, the Confederates assaulted Union fighters on two flanks, pushing them back until a fresh Union division met the Confederate attack. Attempts by the Union to regain momentum failed and federal forces under Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks were forced to retreat, ending the Red River Campaign and handing the Confederates a decisive strategic victory.