Tuesday, August 25

American Girl Scottsdale: Grand Opening

At long last, the Grand Opening for American Girl Scottsdale was Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23.

We were told during the soft opening tour that about 9,000 people were expected to attend the two-day Grand Opening. 

Scottsdale Quarter responded well to the demand. Free crafts, activities, photo ops, free chilled water, doll drawings, and entertainment were generously provided during the entire Grand Opening weekend.

A ticket system was used for the AGS Grand-Opening to manage guests' waiting times and observe fire-safety regulations. Each person (including children) who wished to enter the store received a ticket with an assigned group number.

We couldn't go Saturday because Momma had to work (phooey!) but we monitored the progress throughout the day. Ticket distribution began Saturday at 7 a.m. One grandmother (who began the line at 2 a.m.!) was the first and both her granddaughters received a free doll.

Group one entered the store at 9 a.m. Each person who entered the store got a free gift. (We got a book on Sunday, but I don't know if everyone got the same thing.)

Those who had higher numbered tickets could leave or shop elsewhere. Text alerts were sent out telling people when their group was up. To the best of my knowledge, 66 groups made it through the doors on Saturday before the crowd diminished enough for the ticketing system to be abandoned for the day.

Finally, Sunday was our turn!

We awoke early and made the 20 minute drive to Scottsdale Quarter. We arrived after the 8 a.m. ticketing began, but we still got group nine tickets!

We had our photo taken then Momma and My Big Sister played on the splash pad while I made friends. It wasn't long before it was 10 a.m. and first group was allowed in! After another 30-40 minutes it was our turn!

We were familiar with the store because we were there Wednesday, so we headed straight for Maryellen - which wasn't hard since she had the place of honor up front. (We were spoiled after practically having the place to ourselves on Wednesday, but it was exhilarating to be surrounded by other doll enthusiasts.)

We spent nearly an hour looking things (Maryellen) over and noting future purchases (Maryellen) before we decided to leave and make room for others.

We continued to monitor the store's progress, but the crowds were significantly reduced on Sunday. As far as I know, the tickets were abandoned after group 16 went in!

In conclusion, we love having an AG store so close to us. Yes, it's smaller but it has a nice assortment and we definitely like the emphasis on the historic/BeForever dolls.   

Well done, Scottsdale Quarter and American Girl Scottsdale. Well done.

You can Rest Assured we'll be back soon!!! 

American Girl Scottsdale: Soft Opening

What a day!

After an Exhausting couple of months with a job change for Momma and a month of illness for Grandmomma (including six surgeries!) we took a day for ourselves on Wednesday, August 19 and went to the Soft Opening for the new American Girl Scottsdale store!

The Grand Opening was Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23, but they quietly opened the store three days earlier for friends, family, and the media ... and for the new staff to get used to the computers and software before the hoards descend Saturday morning.

Whee! Talk about a kid in the proverbial candy store!

Momma and I met Susan, an American Girl public relations person who flew in from Wisconsin that morning. She asked if we had ever been to an American Girl store (yes, AGPLA), and gave us a tour of the new 12,000 square foot facility.

We were both Very Pleased to find the BeForever section at the very front of the store. Heading clockwise you got to see each doll displayed with her collection. Some were in cases but some were out for people to touch and feel.

The bistro was closed to the public, but the staff was serving the family and friends of employees for experience. (When Momma returned later with my Big Sister it was empty.) The bistro does include a teeny-tiny private dining room for parties - how fun!

The rest room has the doll hangers in both the stalls and by the sink. Momma insisted she take my photo there. How rude.

We checked out the Hair Salon where my Dear Friend Emily was getting her hair done, and saw the Creativi-Tees area. I want the "Stand Tall" T-shirt!

Can I tell you how much I want the Bride of Frankenstein costume wig?! It was even better in person!

We checked out Girl of the Year Grace. Grace's Pâtisserie is to die for, and Grace and BonBon will definitely be joining us later this year.

Having the new store Finally Open was exciting, but we could not wait for the Grand Opening and to meet Maryellen!

American Girl Scottsdale: Grand Opening to come!

Wednesday, August 19

The One and Only

Don't you think I deserve a my own spot?
What a day!

After an exhausting couple of months with a job change for Momma and a month of illness for Grandmomma (including six surgeries!) we took a day for ourselves and went to the soft opening for the new American Girl Scottsdale store!

The Grand Opening is Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23, but they opened the store three days early for friends, family, and the media ... and for the new staff to get used to the computers and software before the hordes descend Saturday morning.

Whee! Talk about a kid in the proverbial candy store!

I'll write more (photographs, too!) over the next few days, but I had to tell you the Inside Scoop!

Maryellen, the newest BeForever girl, will be available this weekend in Scottsdale - five days before the national debut!

Maryellen wants to stand out, but with five brothers and sisters, it's not so easy. Giving herself a haircut doesn't go quite the way she expects—and when she draws a cartoon of her teacher on the first day of fourth grade, she draws more attention than she wants! At least her drawing skills help her make an interesting new friend. Together they might be able to win the Geography Bee—but only if Maryellen can find a way to make her old friends overcome their prejudice.
The One and Only, the first volume of the Maryellen's stories about growing up in the 1950s, tells how Maryellen learns to stand out and be her own person.

American Girl Scottsdale Grand-Opening Celebration
August 22: 9 a.m.
August 23: 10 a.m.

Discover the newest American Girl store, coming soon to Scottsdale Quarter! You and your girl are invited to join in the fun during our grand-opening weekend. She’ll enjoy free crafts, exciting activities, and doll drawings, and receive a FREE gift—just for attending! Gift available while supplies last. Scottsdale Quarter, Scottsdale AZ - Grand Opening Ticket Entry Process:

  • To manage guests’ waiting times and observe fire-safety regulations, a ticket system will be used for the American Girl Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter Grand-Opening Weekend.
  • Each person (including children) who wishes to enter the store will receive a ticket with an assigned group number.
  • We recommend parking in the Scottsdale Quarter parking structures: South Garage, East entrance.
  • A-frame signs will be set out to assist customers
  • American Girl guests are recommended to visit the Quad at the shopping center located by the fountain as their first stop to obtain tickets for entrance into the store.
  • Ticket distribution for Saturday admittance begins at 7 a.m. on Saturday, August 22nd.
  • Saturday tickets are valid for Saturday only.
  • Ticket distribution for Sunday admittance begins at 8 a.m. on Sunday, August 23rd.
  • Sunday tickets are valid for Sunday only.
  • Overnight camping is not allowed on property.
  • When the store opens each day, groups will be announced in numerical order for admittance through the American Girl entrance adjacent to the main entrance on 73rd.
  • You can shop or dine in Scottsdale Quarter until your group number is called. If you have a Bistro reservation, you can come directly to the ticket-distribution table, as check-in is allowed up to two hours prior to your Bistro reservation time. The ticket-distribution table will be located outside the store.
  • Facebook message alerts will be available, providing updates on group numbers being admitted; details below.
  • Access the event page starting Saturday, August 22nd on your mobile device
  • Once Facebook is open, search “American Girl
  • When on the page, scroll down until “Upcoming Events” section appears on the American Girl Facebook page.
  • The Scottsdale events will be the most recent posting, make sure to look at the correct date.
  • Simply hit “Join” right there on the page.
  • Check Facebook settings to make sure notifications are on otherwise check back on event page for live updates
  • Text Message alerts will be available as well, providing updates on group numbers being admitted; details below.
  • You may sign up for text alerts by texting AGSQ to 444222 (message and data rates may apply). For SMS Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy visit pocketstop.com/ag-scottsdale-quarter
  • You can also follow Scottsdale Quarter on Facebook at Facebook/Scottsdale Quarter
  • American Girl is not responsible for compatibility issues or technical difficulties with technological devices.
  • Event staff and security officers will also be able to assist with information on what group numbers are being called.
  • American Girl reserves the right to stop ticket distribution at any time based on space and time-frame constraints.

Also, Valerie Tripp is scheduled to appear in Scottsdale from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 7.
Tripp is best known for her American Girl historical/BeForever characters: Felicity, Elizabeth, Josefina, Samantha, Nellie, Kit, Ruthie, Molly, Emily, and Maryellen.