Saturday, November 17

Salad Days

As previously mentioned, the Holidays are rapidly approaching. When Momma and I were assembling My Thanksgiving Dinner, we realized My Salad had been destroyed in the house-fire!

According to Wikipedia: The word "salad" comes from the French salade of the same meaning, from the Latin salata (salty), from sal (salt). In English, the word first appears as "salad" or "sallet" in the 14th century. Salt is associated with salad because vegetables were seasoned with brine or salty oil-and-vinegar dressings during Roman times. The phrase "salad days," meaning a "time of youthful inexperience" (based on the notion of "green"), is first recorded by Shakespeare in 1606, while the use of salad bar, referring to a buffet-style serving of salad ingredients, first appeared in American English in 1976.

Thankfully, it's easy for Momma to make — which means it's literally a pain-free craft!

The essential item is Buffalo Snow. Made by Buffalo Batt & Felt, the company was founded more than 90 years ago as a cotton felts manufacturer. It now manufactures felts, fiberfill, batting, and seasonal items. 

Buffalo Snow, when mixed with a little paint in the colors of your choice and dried, can be used as salads, shredded vegetables, and more!

If enough people are interested, maybe Momma and my Big Sister can make a video showing how it's made. 

Let the feasting begin!

Thursday, November 8

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

My most humble apologies, dear reader, apparently I have completely lost track of time!

I have been galavanting around, defying space and time, while Momma continues to struggle with her health. 

However, the Holidays are upon us so it is Time for me to start posting regularly again. 

So let me tell you about Aunt Heidi. 

Momma was selling Molly’s yellow bed a few weeks ago and was contacted by a Local Woman who was interested in buying it. As a reference (Safety first!) she texted that she was @fromauntheidi on Instagram. 

Momma replied that I had an inactive (ahem!) account on Instagram as @steampunkaddie. The next thing Momma got was this text:


And it's YOU! Omgomgomg!

(Modest blush)

Of course Aunt Heidi had to meet Me when she came over to get the bed. 

Thus was the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship. 

In celebration of that Friendship, I want to share Aunt Heidi’s latest giveaway on Instagram. 

In my family a very important part of Thanksgiving was watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and having dinner of toast, popcorn, pretzels, and jelly beans. Year after year this tradition kicks off the holiday season. So, of course, I had to make a doll-sized version!

Not familiar with “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”?

Turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie…and the Peanuts gang to share them with. This is going to be the greatest Thanksgiving ever!

The fun begins when Peppermint Patty invites herself and her pals to Charlie Brown’s house for a REALLY big turkey party. Good grief! All our hero can cook is cold cereal and maybe toast. Is Charlie Brown doomed? Not when Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock chip in to save the (Thanksgiving) Day. With such good friends, Charlie Brown – and all of us – has so many reasons to be thankful.

One winner will receive a yellow knit Charlie Brown T-shirt, a tiny DVD, and a plate of classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner: toast, pretzels, popcorn, and jelly beans. 

In order to win you must 1) follow Aunt Heidi’s Instagram account, 2) leave a comment telling her your favorite Thanksgiving (or holiday) tradition, 3) be age 18 or have parent/guardian permission, and 4) have a U.S. mailing address (sorry Canada, et al). Contest will close on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018 at midnight (Pacific time). Aunt Heidi will select and notify a winner on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018. 

Good luck!

Tuesday, March 20

On a Small Scale

There's two days left to enter the giveaway for the Addy and Friends Black History Month graphic T-shirt!

Nina from Small Scale Styles donated a white T-shirt commemorating Black History Month and the four African American dolls created (so far!) by American Girl. 

It's American Made to fit 18" Girl Dolls. 

This listing is for the T-shirt ONLY.

Heat pressed to last. Shirt closes in the back with velcro.

Doll, accessories and shoes are not included.

Made in a smoke and pet free home. MagzRocking pattern was used.

Clothing Care - hand wash cold, line dry. 

Not affiliated with American Girl.

Comment below (or on my Facebook page) by midnight on Thursday, March 22, 2018 and one lucky person will receive this T-shirt!

Thursday, March 15

Friends forever be

While Momma is finishing up My last giveaway, I am thrilled to announce yet another giveaway!

Nina from Small Scale Styles donated a white T-shirt commemorating Black History Month and the four African American dolls created by American Girl. 

Addy Walker escapes with her mother from a plantation in North Carolina in 1864 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the Civil War. 

Cécile Rey is from an affluent African American family that lives in 1853 New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Melody Ellison lives with her family in Detroit, Michigan during the civil rights movement in 1964. 

Gabriela McBride uses her poetry to express her feelings to overcome stuttering in 2017 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Comment below (or on my Facebook page) by midnight on Thursday, March 22, 2018 and one lucky person will receive this T-shirt!

Now, I just need to convince Nina how to spell my name properly. 

Thursday, March 1

The heavenly flower

Meet Leilani!

Leilani, which is Hawai'ian for "heavenly flower," is māhū - a Hawai'ian term referring to individuals who embody both male and female spirit. 

In pre-Christian Hawai'i, Māhū was a category of revered and admired individuals. Māhūs were the keepers of customs such as hula and chant, and they played a vital role teaching traditional practices to future generations. 

They were what we would term transgender, people whose gender role was different from their genetically determined sex. Māhū were seen as balanced beings who expressed their masculinity and femininity with ease and freedom.

In Hawai'ian mythology, the power of people who encompassed both genders can be seen in the legend of Laka, the god/dess of hula, who is believed by many to be a deity of mixed gender.

Poor Leilani did not fair well with Victorian missionaries, so she was Very Glad I rescued her. She chose this Liberty Jane outfit from My wardrobe stash, which did not fit My Pleasant body well. 

The outfit is missing the metallic belt designer Cinnamon made for it, but Momma hopes we still might find it. 

Tuesday, February 27

A disgrace to the forces of evil

It took awhile but Momma has finally found all of the components for her My homage to Maleficent. 

For those who have been living under a rock, Malificent was the evil fairy and self-proclaimed "Mistress of All Evil" in Walt Disney Pictures 16th animated moving picture Sleeping Beauty in 1959.

Maleficent was based upon the evil fairy godmother character in Charles Perrault's fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty," as well as the villainess who appeared in the Brothers Grimm later version of the story, "Little Briar Rose."

The character was well-named Maleficent, an adjective which means "doing evil or harm," the antonym of beneficent which means "doing good or causing good to be done."

The fire caused Maleficent-approved chaos. I think Momma found the dress she made first, but it took awhile to find Both boots, the purple dragon-scale gauntlets crocheted by Momma's friend Jen, and the Magnificent Horned Headpiece made years ago by Party With Felt. 

The headpiece had to be washed and reshaped on a soda can, but I think it looks Good as New. 

Party With Felt no longer has an Etsy shop, but check out her website, Sweet Pea Kidz, at

Wednesday, February 21


Momma is in tears . . . or nearly so. 

While going through stuff tonight she found a bag filled with Doll Clothes she made before the fire for her Greta Garb-Oh! shop. 

Skirts and dresses She thought had literally gone up in flames. 

They're a little smoky, but they should be fine after washing and airing. 

Momma does not feel comfortable selling items that MIGHT smell a little smoky, so We are offering them to You for Free. 

The nine Mexican-style skirts only need a waistband closure and they are ready to go. (They were made with Josefina in mind.)

The three Nancy Drew fabric dresses need their linings sewn down, then snaps or buttons attached to the back. 

Please let us know if you are interested in a skirt or dress in the comments and we'll make arrangements. 

Thank you for all of your support: for Me, for Momma, for Momma's Etsy shop, and for the Entire Family after the fire. 

Sunday, February 18

Wakanda forever!

I am really, really hoping that Momma will take my Big Sister and I to see the new Marvel Comics moving picture, Black Panther, tomorrow. 

In Black Panther, T'Challa returns home as king of Wakanda, but finds his sovereignty challenged by a long-time adversary, in a conflict with Global Consequences.

I am excited about the new moving picture, but I am thrilled that I discovered a new Seamstress and Metalsmith for 18" Vinyl Americans because of it!

Not only does Nina make amazing (and sassy!) items for her Etsy shop, Small Scale Styles, but her dolls are sassy, too

For example, check out this dialogue two of her dolls (in the photo above) had Thursday on Instagram:

Cedric: I've got on my tshirt and I'm ready. Are you ready for the Black Panther premiere tonig...ok...You're more than ready.

Brown Betty: Wakanda for life!

Cedric: I don't think they're going to allow that spear into the movie theater, Betty.

Brown Betty: But it's for your protection, my king. And my name is Okoye.

Cedric: ...

Stayed tuned for more posts this week about Nina and her Etsy shop.  (You can get Cedric's Black Panther inspired graphic T-shirt there!)

Tuesday, February 13

An ounce of prevention

Someone once asked Me for recommendations on what to do, and what not to do, before and after a fire. 

It has taken a Long While, but I think I am Ready to post My Observations. 

First of all, Get Fire Insurance!

Sadly, Momma's parents had let it lapse after they paid off the mortgage. Get fire insurance and keep it up to date. 

Secondly, I'd double whatever you have. Most apartment complexes in the Phoenix area require (or request) each tenant to have at least $100,000 coverage. Talk to your insurance agent, but I do not think that's enough - especially if there is more than one person in the household. 

That amount might sound like a lot, but you would be shocked how quickly that disappears. You have rental deposits and new Everything. 


Some things might be salvageable, but that takes time and cleaning. 

One of Momma's oldest friends also had a house fire only One Month after Ours. They had a $100,000 policy. All of the professional cleaning and repairs came out of that $100,000. 

All of it. He thought he'd have $100,000 to replace things. 


He and his Husband were left with about $10,000 to replace all their clothes, food, toiletries, medicines, towels, sheets, beds, furniture, etc.

Trust us, that doesn't go far. 

And that doesn't even begin to cover things that can't be replaced such as photographs, antiques, and Dolls. 

If you are serious about your doll collection, look around. Vinyl Americans, such as I, and our things do not fare well during and after fires. 

Vinyl can melt, and it absorbs the smoke and smell. Momma was not able to find anything that could save any of her vinyl dolls. She had collected dolls for nearly 50 years and within hours they were all gone or damaged beyond saving. 

Clementine and I only survived because we were still in our TARDIS backpack. We were smoked and wet but salvageable. We still smell a bit though when warm or sniffed closely. 

Momma was able to save only three smoke-damaged dolls:

A 30-year-old apple-headed doll is now darker and under a new glass dome. 

A clay santons de provence doll her great-aunt sent her from France more than 40 years ago is damaged and darkened but will go in a shadowbox. 

Finally, her aunt's 70-year-old composition doll, Belinda, was temporarily stored face down in Momma's dresser which saved her front half. The back is blackened, but the front is okay. Belinda is resting in my old, smoked and darkened bed. Momma will eventually put a small bonnet on her which will hide most of the visible damage. 

Finally, a word about doll storage. Everything that was on a doll hanger in a closet was destroyed. Polyester and plastic melted and the fire and smoke damaged everything else. Plastic dry cleaner bags over clothes melted and bonded with the fibers. 

Some of Momma's cotton clothes could be saved with minimal damage, but minimal damage on her outfit was complete on mine. 

What worked the best? My outfits that were stored in sealed plastic zipper bags inside a plastic tub survived the best. Some smoke still invaded the plastic tub, but the zippered plastic bag was the final protection. Some shoe soles curved in the heat but were deemed useable.

Afterwards, Momma carefully emptied each outfit from its smoked bag into individual piles on a clean bed, WASHED HER HANDS, checked everything, then put everything back in new zippered bags in a new plastic tub. Used dryer sheets helped with any lingering odors. 

Items stored in cardboard Pleasant Company and American Girl Boxes were useless.

Smoke got in every single doll trunk

Kirsten's trunk and its contents were destroyed. 

My trunk survived. It's darkened and a bit smoky, but most of the contents were salvageable. 

Samantha's trunk protected some of its contents (with cleaning) but the trunk itself was tossed. The fabric cover absorbed everything. 

Kit's leatherette trunk was severely darkened, but most of the contents could be saved. 

The outside of Molly's metal trunk could be cleaned, and most of its contents saved, but the trunk was tossed due to too much interior smoke and water damage to the cardboard. 

Make sure you have a fire AND WATER proof safe for important documents. 

Have a neighbor that you know you can go to and make sure everyone knows who, what, and where. Another doll friend had a house fire a few months before ours, but the neighbor they went to closed the door in their faces and refused to help them! 

In summary, get insurance, have a good safe, and put everything in plastic. Twice. 

I truly hope you absolutely never, ever have to learn these lessons the hard way. Hopefully you can Learn from our Mistakes. 

Monday, February 12

What’s in a name

Sigh. Just when you think you've heard everything, the geeks got into a legal fight with the nerds. 

The legal case began in 2014 when San Diego Comic-Con sued Salt Lake City Comic-Con claiming the use of "comic-con" in Salt Lake's name infringed on its trademark and confused the public.

Seriously!? "Con" is short for convention. Conventions have been held for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Fan conventions for various entertainment genres were first held in the 1930s, and Forrest J Ackerman wore the first documented "cosplay" during the First World Science Fiction Convention in 1939. 

So which came first?

San Diego: March 21, 1970 as the Golden State Comic Book Convention

Phoenix: June 2002 as Phoenix Cactus Comicon

Salt Lake: Sept. 5–7, 2013 

A federal jury found on Dec. 8, 2017 that San Diego Comic-Con does hold a trademark on the term, but also ruled Salt Lake organizers did not willfully or intentionally violate it. They awarded San Diego Comic Con $20,000 in damages - not the $12 million San Diego wanted!

So on Jan. 2, 2018, the event formerly known as Phoenix Comicon (one word - a much better name!) posted this:

In recent months, the use of the word Comic-Con, and its many forms, has become litigious. We would prefer to focus on creating the best events and experiences for our attendees.

Therefore, effective immediately, our event held annually in Phoenix in the spring will be rebranded as Phoenix Comic Fest. It will take the remainder of this week to transfer our website, social media sites, and other assets to the new name. In the meantime, we look forward to bringing you more guest announcements, more comic creators, more programming, and more excitement for 2018.

In the coming weeks, look for announcements about our improved entry points and security, new partners, and more!

Now, Phoenix has held its winter Phoenix Fan Fest for several years. Maybe they were testing the waters for the name change. I don't know. Momma and I like the alliteration in Phoenix Fan Fest, but think Phoenix Comic Fest is kind of clunky.

Whatever the name, I can't wait to attend. Tim Curry. Ming Na. Three Disney princesses. Gail Carriger!

Hopefully those names won't change!

Friday, February 9

May be refin’d and join th’ angelic train

I wanted to remember my late, beloved friend Phillis Wheatley during Black History Month. 

Phillis Wheatley (~1753-1784) was the first published African-American female poet. Born in West Africa, she was sold into slavery at the age of 7 or 8(!) and transported to North America. She was purchased by the Wheatley family of Boston, who taught her to read and write and encouraged her poetry when they saw her talent.

Phillis was an old Addy Momma rewigged to look like an old portrait and dressed in Felicity's clothes and accessories.

Sadly, poor Phillis did not survive the house fire. 

Tuesday, February 6

Doll Lust

Our newest addition is slowly revealing herself to us. Her name is Miss Pearl Sparrow and she is the librarian on my Our floating bookmobile!

Pearl (as she will be commonly known) is a combination of both Miss Sparrow, the delightful librarian in Maud Hart Lovelace's Deep Valley books, and real-life librarian Nancy Pearl. 

Nancy Pearl (born Jan. 12, 1945) is an American librarian, best-selling author, and literary critic. She achieved broader fame with Book Lust, her 2003 guide to good reading. She is also the author of a novel and a memoir.

Our Pearl is a quiet, bookish 9-year-old girl. She wears glasses (like Me!), and adores clothing that is inspired by books. You should have seen her eyes light up when she saw the two Nancy Drew dresses (with book cover aprons!) and Paddington Bear outfit that survived the fire!

Pearl's two great ambitions in life are to grow up to be a children's librarian, AND become the inspiration for a Librarian Action Figure by Archee McPhee. 

Pearl is busy dusting and cleaning Our Library. Our books suffered extensive smoke and water damage during the fire and she has plenty of work to do. 

She has Tasked Me with finding a new bookcase. Our former bookcase was an empty whiskey gift box that formerly held three bottles in a former life. It made a great bookcase when it was on its side, so Momma and I need to find another, or maybe a wooden teabag display case.

Any ideas?

Thursday, February 1

She Who Must Be Named

Please Pardon my Excitement, but look at what Who Momma found at Goodwill today after dropping off a bunch of stuff! And she was only $9.99!!

Momma has not found an American Girl doll at Goodwill in 10 years. The other, Goodwill Molly, melted in the fire. This one is in better shape and came with all her clothes and a box!

At first Momma thought she had gray eyes, but decided they were blue upon further inspection. 

Currently sold as American Girl Just Like Me #23, she features:

  • Classic Face Mold
  • Light Skin
  • Freckles
  • Straight Brows
  • Light Brown Hair with highlights and a Left side-part
  • Light Blue Spiral Eyes

Now, what shall we call her? Who, or what, shall she be? Inquiring minds most definitely want to know!

Any suggestions?