Saturday, March 30

His mistress' voice

Speaking of phonographs, His Master's Voice is a trademark in the music business, and for many years was the name of a large record label.

The name was coined in 1899 as the title of a painting of the dog Nipper, a fox terrier, listening to a wind-up gramophone. In the photograph on which the painting was based, the dog was listening to a phonograph cylinder.

The image of His Master's Voice now exists in the United States as a trademark only on radios and radios combined with phonographs, a trademark owned by the Radio Corporation of America, or RCA.

With that exception, His Master's Voice is in the public domain in the USA since its United States trademark registrations expired between 1989-1994.

Why am I wearing a (smashing) pirate outfit?

Haven't you heard of music piracy?


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