Tuesday, February 28

Tell me a story

I'll continue to review some of the yummy foods from Faux Real Foods this week, but now I want to unveil the contest and the rule(s). 

What do you, My Gentle Reader, need to do to win this Most Excellent Repast?

Tell me a story. Don't worry! It can be a short story!! I just want your ideas tying this yummy ideas into one Cohesive Meal. 

Okay, so tell me why one would eat at one meal:

•A ham sandwich 
•Potato chips
•A mummy pumpkin tart
•And a lemon pie, complete with bite marks - I couldn't resist trying it!

The contest deadline is in two weeks, by midnight on March 14, 2017.  Momma, My Big Sister, Winter (and I!) will read them all and the Best Short Story (heck, I'll take a Rough Draft) wins the pictured meal!

The winner (and your amazing story) will be announced on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. 

Submissions can be sent to me at either steampunkaddie (at) gmail dot com or through my Facebook page. 

Happy Writing!

She sells sushi

One of the items I proudly offer in my Tea-Key Room is Faux Real Food's sushi. 

Sushi has been served in Japan for hundreds of years. It originally had fermented rice and fish, but evolved into "modern" sushi about 100 years ago.

According to Wikipedia, the Oxford English Dictionary notes the earliest written mention of sushi in English in an 1893 book, A Japanese Interior, where it mentions sushi as "a roll of cold rice with fish, sea-weed, or some other flavoring." However, there is an earlier mention of sushi in an 1873 Japanese-English dictionary, angd an 1879 article on Japanese cookery in the journal, Notes and Queries.

Momma developed a love for sushi when she was in Taiwan, and my sushi is displayed on a miniature plate from the National Palace Museum.

Winter is spot-on in her sushi creations. Momma and I especially love the detail in the rice - something which at 1:3 scale is usually a textured white blob.

Now where is my wasabi and ginger? I bet that dratted kitten took it again....

Sunday, February 26

Are you Faux Real?

It has been called to my attention that I have been Dreadfully Remiss and have not reviewed any of the items created by My Dear Friend Winter Boomershine of Faux Real Foods. 

Neither Momma nor I exactly remember when we first discovered her Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/FauxRealFood), but I was hooked after my first meal. 

Winter makes some of the tastiest and most realistic doll food out there. 

Last year I got corned beef, cabbage and potatoes just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Both Momma and Grandmomma were squealing over the details in the tiny cabbage leaves. 

(Quick history: beef was fairly rare in most parts of Ireland. Corned (or salted) beef was a luxury item there - but cheap and easily found in the United States by Irish Immigrants fleeing the potato famine.)  

Thankfully, some of My corned beef dinner survived The Fire - although it is a bit smoky.  

How can I ever repay Winter for her kindness, generosity, and yummy food? By reviewing her foods all week AND by (belatedly!) awarding her my Gear of Approval. I'll also be hosting a giveaway of a sampling of Faux Real Foods at the end of the week! 

Details tomorrow!

Thursday, February 16

He's an American Girl!

Whee! It's a Boy!

Momma, my Big Sister, and I rushed up to American Girl - Scottsdale this evening ... and made it with about five minutes to spare. 

That didn't give us much time to look, admire, and review but we did our best. 

Momma is flipping over Julie's Groovy Bathroom for $175. I have to admit the Allure of Indoor Plumbing is Pretty Exciting. The pink toilet is to die for (complete with blue "water"), and the tiny Love's Baby Soft brought back many grade school memories for Momma.  

Tenney is cute, but I doubt she'll be joining our Vinyl-American family. However, Tenney's Banjo ($28) is a must have for Me though. (Or maybe two so Clementine and I can Duel? Hmm....)

But let's hear it for the Boy!

Logan Everett ($115) is a real doll and long overdue. I was thrilled to see Kaya's face mold used again (finally) and with a different skin tone.

I was surprised to hear the Scottsdale store had only sold 10 Logan dolls, but they expect more crowds this weekend. 

My Big Sister's favorite was Logan's Rhythmic Drum Set ($68) and I expect it'll be making its way home with us eventually. 

Now to start thinking of band names. 

Any suggestions?