Friday, September 30

Doll Trek:TNG

Here's another belated photograph from Phoenix Comicon 16 - Gates McFadden of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame playing with Clementine and I! (Gates had just had cataract surgery so she was wearing sunglasses.)

She obviously liked us and spent a few minutes talking to Momma about her own childhood dolls. 

Oh, and she signed Me right above Wil Wheaton's signature. 

I'm getting quite the autograph collection!

Thursday, September 29

Hello sweeties!

It just occurred to Me that I never shared this photo of Clementine and I with Alex Kingston of Doctor Who fame!

We met her on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Phoenix Comicon. She, of course, loved us and later that day signed our photo.

Thankfully, the power of our TARDIS backpack saved us, and the TARDIS bag Momma carried saved our signed photo when our house was destroyed that night by The Fire. 

All hail the TARDIS!

Tuesday, September 27

Taco trucks on every corner

Look at what Momma found for me! My very own taco truck!

The phrase "taco trucks on every corner" was stated by Donald Trump supporter Marco Gutierrez on Sept. 1, 2016, and has since received widespread attention during the 2016 United States presidential election.

National Public Radio news wrote that taco trucks "now straddle the worlds of political symbol and internet meme."

We can't tell you how much we want to get Target's Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck and convert it into a taco truck!!