Gear of Approval

After viewing royal warrants of appointment, which have been issued for centuries to those who supply goods or services to a royal court or certain royal personage, I have decided to bestow my approval upon those who have supplied Me with cool gear.

So the official Steampunk Addie Gear of Approval goes to:

Congratulations to All!

I am always looking for Cool Gear, but Woe be unto the Person who uses My Gear of Approval without My Approval!


  1. Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!
    DARLING DOLLY made the list!!!!
    Be still my heart.....
    and y'all come shop.

  2. ArtificerMade is dropping prices on Steampunkery levels best describes as 'stupid-low'.

    I didn't make much noise about this at the time because self-promotion takes time away from working on my current project and I'm borderline manic on that score.

    But I have needs for a new metal lathe to replace the American Classic I just parted with. It's like a regular garage sale at my workshop. As it stands I'm about a hundred bucks short of pulling the trigger on a new machine.

    I'm parting with my mechanical shutter goggles for $100, and my nicest pair of Dolly Goggs yet are up for $80 (I think). Everything is priced very low.

    As soon as I get my workshop re-equiped I will put my prices back.

    As always, stop by my blog and have a look at what cooking.