Thursday, April 27

Camera ready, set, go!

That sound you heard?

Oh, that was just Momma completely losing her few remaining marbles over American Girl's new Z Yang. 

We love Z's look (especially her beauty mark) but Momma's hysteria is over Z's Filming Accessories. 

(Have I ever mentioned that Momma has both associate and bachelor degrees in photography?)

Z's Filming Accessories comes with:

Z's tripod helps her steady every shot—and her backpack helps her carry everything to the next cool location! This set of pretend filmmaking accessories includes:
    • A 35mm camera with a colorful carrying strap
    • A camcorder
    • A smartphone with five interchangeable screens
    • A tripod to be used with all three devices
    • A backpack

I suspect that will be coming home with us ASAP. 

Z? The jury's still out until we see her in person. Will her perma-panties look as bad in Real Life as the do in photographs? Is her vinyl super squishy - AKA cheap? Inquiring minds want to know!

Meanwhile, it is bedtime. 


Liver of life

I know I am really, really late (blame Momma) in announcing the winner here, but Donna Wooten is the winner of the Life Science Set! (She was privately notified earlier this week.)

The Our Generation Life Science Set includes one molecule model, one anatomy torso with three removable pieces (rib cage, lungs, and liver), one book, and one poster.

While hundreds of thousands did not participate in My Giveaway (unlike The March for Science which did!) I truly appreciate Each and Every one of you who did. 

Congratulations Donna!

Life loves the liver of it. 
Maya Angelou

Saturday, April 22

Science not silence

Whew, I'm just in time!

In honor of The March for Science I am having a drawing for the Highly Coveted Life Science Set from Our Generation. 

The March for Science (formerly known as the Scientists' March on Washington) was a series of rallies and marches held in Washington, D.C. and more than 600 cities across the world on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.

According to organizers, the march is a non-partisan movement to celebrate science and the role it plays in everyday lives. The main goals of the march and rally are to call for science that upholds the common good and to call for evidence-based policy in the public's best interest.

The march is part of growing political activity by American scientists in the wake of the November 2016 and the 2017 Women's March.

Comment below or a my Facebook page by midnight tomorrow, Sunday, April 23, 2017. Momma and I shall contact the winner for a mailing address. 

The Our Generation Life Science Set includes one molecule model, one anatomy torso with three removable pieces (rib cage, lungs, and liver), one book, and one poster.

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Tuesday, April 11

The name of the companion

What a week! Grandmomma fell and is back in the hospital - but we think she's relatively okay. 

Then Phoenix Comicon announced Jenna Coleman will be appearing one day only on Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Jenna Coleman is an English actress best known for her role as Clara Oswald in the British television series Doctor Who.

Born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, Coleman began her tenure as the 11th Doctor's companion in 2012 on the long running BBC series Doctor Who. Sworn to secrecy during the audition process, Coleman would refer to the project only as Men on Waves (an anagram for "Woman Seven") when asked what she was auditioning for. Producer Steven Moffat remarked that one of the primary reasons Coleman landed the coveted spot was because of the chemistry she shared with Smith and her innate ability to talk faster than him during scenes together.

Coleman's first appearance as The Doctor's companion was originally planned to happen on the 2012 Christmas special. However, she made a surprise appearance  in Asylum of the Daleks playing a relative of her character Clara Oswald, Oswin Oswald. Oswin subsequently died later in that particular episode and appeared again as her own distant relative in the episode, The Snowmen. Her final incarnation as Clara Oswald was introduced in the episode, The Bells of Saint John, where she carried on as The Doctor's regular companion, continuing on in her role as companion when current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, stepped into the role as the 12th Doctor. Her run as Clara Oswald concluded in 2015 with the show's ninth series.

In 2016, Coleman was seen in the television drama Victoria as Queen Victoria. Chronicling the early life of the Queen from her accession to the throne to her courtship with Prince Albert, the series aired to rave reviews on ITV in the United Kingdom. Following the success of the first round of episodes, a second series has been ordered and is currently in production.

Jenna. Coleman. 


Queen Victoria. 

What to wear.... What to wear....

Sunday, April 9

Drama queen

Whoopsie daisy! Melody and Xyra from Tea Time with Melody Q named me to participate in the Period Drama Tag.

In February. 

I wrote this then ... but promptly forgot to post it. 


Better late than never? 


  1. Which period dramas do you like most? Victoria, Downton Abbey, Mercy Street, Penny Dreadful, and Outlander. 
  2. Choose four characters from a period drama that you like most. From a single drama? Claire, Jamie, Brianna, and Lord John from Outlander
  3. Which period drama have you recently seen that you recommend to other bloggers? Victoria
  4. If you had to choose, which period drama heroine do you like best? Claire from Outlander
  5. And which period drama hero? Jamie, also from Outlander
  6. Have you ever seen a movie which was exactly, or mostly, the same as the book? Enchanted April. 
  7. Which movies do you like most: Jane Austen (ex. Emma), Dickens (ex. Little Dorrit), Bronte sisters (ex. Jane Eyre)? Jane Austen
  8. Would you rather play Emma (Emma), Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice), Catherine (Northanger Abbey), Mary (Downton Abbey), Marian (Robin Hood), Amy (Little Dorrit) or Jane (Jane Eyre)? Marian, especially the Marian from the 1992 version. She was feisty!
  9. Would you rather have Call the Midwife or Cranford? Call the Midwife. 
  10. Which period drama that you haven't seen yet would you like to see? Cranford
  11. Which adaptation of Sense and Sensibility do you like most: 1995 or 2008? 1995 with Alan Rickman. 
  12. Which adaptation of Pride and Prejudice do you like most: 1995 or 2005? 1995, but my guilty pleasure is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  13. Which couple from a period drama movie do you like most. Claire and Jamie from Outlander

I think I shall nominate Karen from

Saturday, April 8

Unraveling the mysteries


All I can say is American Girl had better watch out. Target's Our Generation line by Battat is becoming a Serious Contender when it come to Cool Accessories for Vinyl Americans. 

(According to its website, Battat is a family-owned business that is almost 120 years old!)

AG still wins the doll department, hands down, but OGs accessories are becoming better and better each and every year.

Momma got Me the Under the Microscope set a few years ago. (We found a few pieces of it after The Fire.)

Under the Microscope Includes:

1 microscope
1 tube stand
3 test tubes
1 pair of glasses
1 Erlenmeyer Flask

Today she found the Highly Coveted Life Science Set, which includes:

1 molecule model
1 anatomy torso with 3 removable pieces (rib cage, lungs and liver)
1 book
1 poster

AND the Lab Class Set! It includes:

1 volcano with functioning light
2 phials
1 bottle of baking soda
1 measuring spoon
1 rubber ball pipette
1 bottle of dishwashing liquid
1 pair of glasses

She also spotted the Specialty doll Blanca, who comes with:

1 non-poseable 18-inch doll
1 shirt
1 skirt
1 lab coat
1 pair of socks
1 pair of undies
1 pair of boots
1 bow tie
1 pair of steampunk goggles
1 pair of glasses
1 wind-up robot
1 caliber
1 atom model
1 pencil
1 robot spec sheet

I am seriously geeking out!

Does anyone want to play Mad Scientist with me?