Thursday, June 28

The best of their abilities

I'm so proud of American Girl today that I am bursting at my seams.

They are finally, seriously, addressing girls with disabilities.

Yes, they've had the crutches and casts for years, as well as the wheelchair.

But last night American Girl finally introduced bald dollshearing aids, a service dog, and an allergy-free lunch with medical bracelet and allergy pen!

One woman wrote last night that she was sitting in front of her computer, literally in tears, because her hearing-impaired daughter could finally have a doll just like her.

Well done American Girl, I tip my tiny top hat to you.

And I think I'll have to get that service dog (Gromit?) for myself someday.

After my darling Clementine, of course.

1 comment:

  1. We're really excited about this too, Addie!

    One of the girls in our family (Charissa) has hearing impairment, so she'll be glad for the hearing aids.

    Maybe someday we'll have a family member without hair, too!