Wednesday, September 19

Walk like a pirate

Best Doll Boutique
T' me not-so-gentle readers,

I apologize for me absence lately, but since Momma be feelin' a bit better, I decided t' run away for awhile t' be a pirate. (After all, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!)

And while I (of course) cut a dashin' figure on t' high seas, ma chère amie Cécile be even more so in this outfit from Best Doll Boutique!
Steampunk styling incorporates the past and the future - an amazing amalgam of the Victorian era with elements of futuristic science fiction. Experience the best of both worlds in this uniquely styled doll's Steampunk Costume and blow off some steam on Halloween!
  • Absolutely gorgeous vintage COLLAR is black super soft faux fur with brown satin ribbon ties. The back is lined in a black cotton. Decorated with checked fabric and two gears.This collar is perfect to add to the costume to glam it up!
  • The Steampunk NECKLACE is black satin ribbon with black and red beads and velcro closure on the back.
  • Uniquely designed black striped underbust CORSET features a front gold applique with gears, golden trim around and a retro gold rhinestone gun & skull head chain. Velcro closure on the back.
  • Gorgeous ivory cotton BLOUSE features long puffed sleeves and trimmed with a vintage ivory lace. Closes with velcro on the back for easy opening.
  • The three-layer ruffle SKIRT has an elasticized waist and black lace trim on the hem. The back of the skirt has a draped brown satin train decorated with black lace and gold trim that gives great volume. The train is attached to the skirt with two snaps.
  • Burgundy faux leather steampunk BELT features the same material PURSE that opens to hold all your essentials.
  • Steampunk CUFF with two gears and eyelets is made of beautifully soft burgundy faux leather. It fastens quickly and easily with velcro.
  • The black net stretch TIGHTS are with the elastic waistband.
  • Burgundy faux leather steam punk SANDALS are handmade by me and decorated with brown satin bows, gears and eyelets. This is a truly unique designer piece.
  • No steampunk outfit is complete without an EYEPATCH! This is the highest-quality eyepatch made from gorgeous burgundy faux leather, gears and matching yeylets. It can be worn on the left or on the right eye.


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