Monday, June 3

Grumpy Addie

I may seem to be on a cat kick lately, but I was delighted to discover this weekend that Internet celebrity Tardar Sauce, also known as "Grumpy Cat," is an Arizona resident.

Tardar Sauce is a female cat known for her grumpy facial expression. Her owner says that her grumpy face is due to feline dwarfism.

Grumpy Cat's popularity originated from a picture posted to a social news website and was made into a meme with various grumpy captions.

"The Official Grumpy Cat" on Facebook has more than 970,000 Likes. Tardar Sauce has an agent, and a book and film are due later this year.

Amazingly, Grumpy Cat was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal (The Wall Street Journal!) on May 30, 2013.

I wonder what I need to do to get featured on The Wall Street Journal?

Maybe my pal Angry Jess can give me some pointers.



  1. He's getting a movie? And a book? I am curious to see how that will turn out.

    1. Yes, SHE is! Supposedly Garfieldesque.