Thursday, October 24

An offer I can't refuse

Jill Thompson
Don't worry, now that I am back online I shall post about my weekend adventures upon the Queen Mary.

However, I was thrilled to spot today one of my favorite children's books, Scary Godmother, is being developed into a doll.

First published in 1997, author Jill Thomson described Scary Godmother this way: “Scary Godmother is like your fairy godmother, but for Halloween. There’s really nothing scary about the Scary Godmother. She’s fun and macabre; reminiscent of childhood with a little bit of social commentary mixed in."

(Sound like someone you know?)

Scary Godmother is a tall, skinny, pretty-looking fairy-witch with long curly red hair, pale green skin, and small bat wings on her back.

According to Thompson's Kickstarter website, the doll "comes dressed in her signature bodysuit, tutu, striped hat and tights and spiderweb shoes. Her hair is curly and long enough for you to style into an updo, if that’s your thing! Her wings are removable for ease in the changing of her clothes. She has 15 points of articulation just like other popular fashion dolls! She is accessorized with a lovely pumpkin purse and her ghost cat, The Boozle. The Boozle is made of a smokey translucent plastic with a lil handle so you can hang him from a wire and make him fly."

Of course I missed the Sept. 12, 2913 deadline for contributing to the product design, but I simply cannot wait to get my hands on my newest ghoulfriend.

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