Sunday, December 29

The Curse of the Crystal Mummy

My Big Sister wrote this Original Story after it appeared to her in nightmare form and wanted me to share it with you!

I told my Big Sister her nom de plume should be Penny Dreadful.


Once upon a time there was a family with seven kids and the parents were very poor. They couldn't afford any toys.

One day, a little girl named Steampunk Addie went to school and bumped into her best friends: Sophie, John, Mary, Marty, Jack, Daisy, and Margaret.

Marty said, "Why don't we go to the Crystal Pyramid?"

Steampunk Addie said, "No!"

When Sophie asked, "Why?" Steampunk Addie said, "Because my Momma told me that there was a curse in there. If we break a crystal, a so-called 'Crystal Mummy' will awaken."

Jack said, "Oh, baloney!"

Sophie said, "Yes, let's go to the Crystal Pyramid by ourselves. We don't need Steampunk Addie!"

Margaret said, "I'll just stay here with Steampunk Addie."

So Steampunk Addie's friends went to the Crystal Pyramid without her and Margaret.

They found a crystal at the entrance. Sophie picked it up but then she deliberately broke it!

Then the entrance opened and they saw that the Crystal Mummy had woken up. They all screamed and tried to run away. All the girls escaped, but the boys did not.

The girls went back to the school where they screamed at Steampunk Addie and Margaret, "You were right! The Crystal Mummy woke up and took the boys."

Margaret swooned. A few minutes later she awoke and she said, "What?" while looking questioningly at the girls.

Steampunk Addie said, "We have to go to the Crystal Pyramid to save the boys!"

The girls said, "No way, Jose!"

Steampunk Addie said, "Fine! I'll go by myself then!"

The girls tried to stop her but could not.

Steampunk Addie asked her Big Sisters to go with her but they said no. (She would have asked her Little Sister but she was a Baby.) So she went alone to the Crystal Pyramid with all of her dad's dangerous weapons.

(She told her Momma she might be gone for a few days or weeks. Her Momma said that was okay - she'd have leftovers.)

So Steampunk Addie went to the Crystal Pyramid. She had forgotten she could read Egyptian, but it said,

Go away Steampunk Addie, or I shall turn your friends into Crystal Mummies like me!
The Crystal Mummy

Steampunk Addie gasped with fright. She was not afraid of the Crystal Mummy, but she was afraid she might be too late to save her friends.

She found a code on a piece of papyrus near the entrance. It said, "5, 5, 2, 1, 8, 0."

Steampunk Addie punched those numbers into the combination on the pyramid's door, but it was rejected, so she tried it again backwards (0, 8, 1, 2, 5, 5) and the door opened!

She saw another note on the floor as she stepped inside the pyramid. It said,

Go outside or I will curse you too, Steampunk Addie.

The Crystal Mummy

P.S. It's too late. I cursed your friends.

Suddenly, her friend Marty appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Marty had been hiding in the room where the Crystal Mummy's ancestors had been entombed.

Steampunk Addie found papyrus and a pen on the Mummy's great-great-great-grandfather's tomb.

Marty had somehow escaped the Mummy's Curse. He said, "Save them" as quietly as a moth flying.

"Okay," she said as she went to get the papyrus and the pen. When she picked up the papyrus and pen, the tomb opened!

She looked inside, but nothing was in there.

"It must be a trap!" she gasped because suddenly there were cobras, quicksand, and spiders coming out of the walls and tombs.

She tried to escape, but could not. Marty appeared wearing shoes that could walk on quicksand. When she asked where he got them he told he was a wizard! That was how he escaped the Crystal Mummy.

Marty happened to have a pair of magical shoes that were steampunk style for girls, so they escaped together as fast as they could walk on quicksand.

They found a small Crystal Mummy. "It is John!" said Marty. Steampunk Addie agreed, and using Marty's magic they freed John.

John said, "What happened?" Steampunk Addie explained as they tried to find the others. They found Jack, who was also a small Crystal Mummy. Using the magic once again, they freed him.

After explaining what happened yet again, Jack said, "Okay, let's go kick some mummy butt!"

They found the Crystal Mummy, and he dared to laugh in Steampunk Addie's face!

"What's so funny?" she said angrily, and he said, "This." He stepped aside, revealing Steampunk Addie's Baby Sister whom he had (mysteriously) kidnapped.

Steampunk Addie was sad, frightened, and furious at the same time. She felt weak in the knees because the one person whom she loved more than anything had been kidnapped. 

Her friends who happened to be male (not boyfriends!) surrounded her. Steampunk Addie stood up and said, "Come and fight me, if you dare!"

Her friends went to free the baby while Steampunk Addie fought the Crystal Mummy. While he was taunting her, Steampunk Addie snuck up behind him and poked him in the spine with her Unusually Stout Parasol.

He fell like a tumbling, crashing building.

The Crystal Mummy begged for mercy and promised Steampunk Addie he would do anything she asked.

"Well, I do want you to use your powers for Good instead of Evil." After discussion, he agreed to her plan and they all left.

The next day, when they awoke they found piles of presents everywhere. In fact, everyone in the whole, wide world had received presents.

And Steampunk Addie's Baby Sister said her very first words, "Merry Christmas!" as they ripped into their presents.