Wednesday, May 14

The Nancy Drew Philes

Greta Garb-oh!
Momma, my BCF (Best Chum Forever) Clementine, and I are proud to present Momma's latest collection, inspired by the famous girl detective herself: Nancy Drew.

More than 170 Nancy Drew books have been written since The Secret of the Old Clock was first published in 1930. The publisher began revising the books in 1959 to make the books more modern and to eliminate racist overtones.

(How did they eliminate the racism? By eliminating all non-white characters!)

Anyway, the covers of six of the original 56 books were used for a now discontinued fabric panel. Momma created six aprons from one fabric panel. (Five of the six are for sale. I shall keep the apron and dress that does not sell.)

The six available bookcover aprons are:

  • 1) The Secret of the Old Clock
  • 2) The Hidden Staircase
  • 4) The Mystery at Lilac Inn
  • 5) The Secret of Shadow Ranch
  • 25) The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
  • 26) The Clue of the Leaning Chimney

Remembering the yellow bookspines of her childhood, each dress is made from licensed yellow and blue Nancy Drew fabric with yellow cotton accents and rickrack. These dresses are sized to fit 18 inch dolls and will fit both the plumper, older Pleasant Company dolls (think Bess) as well as the slimmer, modern (George!) American Girl dolls.

Each auction includes one fashionable '50s frock and (Hannah Gruen approved) apron only. Clementine and I, Peggy (Momma's dressmaker mannequin), our boots, and other accessories are not included! 



  1. Wait, do you mean these book covers? :

    If so, I have #1-8!! These "outfits" are EXTREMELY adorable!! Great job, Addie's Momma!! ~Amelia

    1. Yes, those book covers! Momma had most of them as a kid. We think the dresses and aprons are pretty adorable, too!

  2. I love these! I've shared and liked a few different places. My favorite is The Mystery at Lilac Inn. At least I think it is; we have three copies. :-D