Saturday, July 12


Sorry for my absence lately, but Momma and I have been insanely busy.

Not only have we been insanely busy, but it appears that most of my blogs about Phoenix Comicon have been absorbed into the æther!

The Shame! The Horror!

Looking back, other than having my photo taken with Nathan Fillion, Fez-o-rama was one of my PC14 highlights.

A fez is a traditional felt hat of two types: either a cone or a short cylinder, both usually with a tassel attached to the top.

Fez-o-rama LLC has produced thousands of fezzes since it began in 2005. Fez-o-rama is a unique small business that produces fine hand-made, embroidered velvet fezzes and caps, fez accessories, and original art. What makes them a truly unique company is not only what they make, but also the fact that they are artist owned and operated. 

Momma and I have loved Fez-o-rama for years, so imagine my delight when we stopped by and saw they had not one, not two, but  four mini fezzes in my size!

Sadly, the $30 mini fezzes are not available online at this time, but if you contact them you should be able to order one. 

Tell 'em Steampunk Addie sent you.

Fez-o-rama LLC gets my Gear of Approval!

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