Friday, October 31

Queen of Summer

Naifi, a rewigged Josefina with knee-length braids, is a Syrian girl who moved to Deep Valley and was befriended by Betsy-Tacy and Tib in Betsy-Tacy Go Over the Big Hill.

When they first meet Naifi "her (Syrian) dress had a long skirt, like a woman's, very full, made of faded flowered cloth. She wore earrings like a woman's too. A scarf was tied over her head. From a rosy-brown face very bright brown eyes darted from Tib to Betsy and Tacy . . . her hair hung in long black braids tied in red at the ends. Her shoes were red too, and under her dress she wore (blue) bloomers down to her ankles."

Later they save Naifi from a group of taunting boys. When they next see her "... At first they did not think it was Naifi, for she wore quite an ordinary short dress like their own and ordinary shoes and stockings. ..."

Naifi has both traditional Syrian clothes (based upon the book's descriptions and illustrations) as well as contemporary 1904 clothes. Momma found handmade Afghan costumes for American Girl dolls at a local coffee shop and got two for Naifi since they are very similar to what she wears in the books.

When they discover she's a Syrian emeera (princess) they crown Naifi the Queen of Summer and she arrives in formal Syrian costume of "soft rich cashmere (skirt), purple in color and embroidered in gold, ... the short jacket was gold- embroidered too. Bloomers were tied at her ankles above little slippers of gold. ... and she was laden with jewelry ... bracelets, rings, earrings.... " Momma has the fabric and will make this for her someday.

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