Thursday, November 13

Kids Need to Read Charity Auction Winter 2014 items 21-25

The bidding has begun for the Kids Need to Read Charity Auction Winter 2014! We have 25 auctions this time, so I shall feature five each day. Bidding ends Sunday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. Central.

Rules for Bidding on our online Facebook Auction US and Canadian Residents only please

Thank you for your interest in our auction. We have a few rules to make this run as smooth as possible and to get the funds to the party we are helping as soon as possible.

1. Please only bid what you can afford to pay. We would like the payment within 24 hours of the end of the auction so that we can pay the money to the recipient.

2.Opening bids are $15.00 minimum. Bid in the photo comments. There is one photo or photo collage per item to avoid confusion.

3.The dolls are typically not included in the auction. If a doll is included in an item it will say so in the description. The dolls are shown so you can see what the auction items look like along side of the doll.

4. After your first bid we need you to click Message Dolls for A Cause and leave us your PayPal email address so that we can wrap this up as quickly as possible when it is over. If we do not have your address and we can't get an answer within 24 hours we go to the next highest bidder.

5. Please read all item descriptions. They will let you know what is included in each auction item.

6.You must be 18 to bid.

7. Each bid must be bid up by at least $1.

8. NO bid retractions or lowering of your bid. Once you place a bid you are the winning bidder until you are outbid.

Thank you so much as your participation in this event allows us to help others in need. We appreciate your generosity. Canadian bidders we will need to charge an extra $5 to cover the extra shipping. Each person donating is paying for the shipping as part of the donation but we didn't want to ask them to pay for international. Thanks.

Bid Items #21-25
Dacia Hostetter of Mini Me Dolly Divas
Elf on the shelf tshirt
Tshirts are made from people size jersey knit tee’s. They are machine embroidered and close in the back with Velcro. These tshirt are 6 of a kind, only available through this charity auction.
Just perfect for the doll that is a little bit of a practical joker. This shirt could make for some fun elf on the shelf adventures this holiday season.

Bidding ends Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 at 7 p.m. Central.

Happy bidding!

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