Sunday, March 22

Don't dream it, be it

I'm lucky, he's lucky, we're all lucky!

Brad, Magenta, and Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show are coming to Phoenix Comicon 2015!

Tony Award Winner Barry Bostwick played Brad Majors in Rocky Horror and went on to gain notoriety on stage and on screen where he's appeared in titles including Spin City, Supernatural, and Scandal.

Nell Campbell appeared in both stage and film versions of Rocky Horror as Colombia. Following the film she continued to perform on stage in productions including A Street Car Named Desire, You Should Be So Lucky, and Nine.

Patricia Quinn also played Magenta both on stage and in the film version of Rocky Horror. She continued acting with roles in I, Claudius, Shock Treatment, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, and Doctor Who.

Yes, Momma frequently went to the midnight showings from 1979-1982. She even dressed up - usually as Brad or Columbia.

Stay tuned for what she's thinking of for us!

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  1. Neat! That would be so much fun. I never saw or experienced the midnight shows, but have seen the movie and bought the DVD for the extras explaining the "accessories." I'm pretty cool with the movie until it gets close to the end...then I get completely confused. LOL

    Have fun with Brad, Columbia, and Magenta when you go to Comiccon.