Tuesday, June 16

Be a doll

My friend Ahmie has passed, but her suffering little sister is still here and needs our help.

Apparently Aishah's 18 inch doll is in desperate need of clothes and shoes. 

Can you help? If so, please email me at steampunkaddie (at) gmail dot com.

Thank you, from the bottom of my Build-a-Bear heart, thank you.


  1. What does she need? Email me at shoyn73551@maricopa.edu.
    I can spare a complete outfit. I don't sew, but can pull things together from what I have purchased - gladly ^_^. And I live here in the Valley. Look forward to hearing from you soon - take care ^_^

  2. I'm behind here. Such sad news. Are you still collecting?

  3. I sew American Girl doll clothes and would be happy to send along an outfit. Just let me know where. My email is: rhinestonestorubies@gmail.com