Tuesday, August 25

American Girl Scottsdale: Soft Opening

What a day!

After an Exhausting couple of months with a job change for Momma and a month of illness for Grandmomma (including six surgeries!) we took a day for ourselves on Wednesday, August 19 and went to the Soft Opening for the new American Girl Scottsdale store!

The Grand Opening was Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23, but they quietly opened the store three days earlier for friends, family, and the media ... and for the new staff to get used to the computers and software before the hoards descend Saturday morning.

Whee! Talk about a kid in the proverbial candy store!

Momma and I met Susan, an American Girl public relations person who flew in from Wisconsin that morning. She asked if we had ever been to an American Girl store (yes, AGPLA), and gave us a tour of the new 12,000 square foot facility.

We were both Very Pleased to find the BeForever section at the very front of the store. Heading clockwise you got to see each doll displayed with her collection. Some were in cases but some were out for people to touch and feel.

The bistro was closed to the public, but the staff was serving the family and friends of employees for experience. (When Momma returned later with my Big Sister it was empty.) The bistro does include a teeny-tiny private dining room for parties - how fun!

The rest room has the doll hangers in both the stalls and by the sink. Momma insisted she take my photo there. How rude.

We checked out the Hair Salon where my Dear Friend Emily was getting her hair done, and saw the Creativi-Tees area. I want the "Stand Tall" T-shirt!

Can I tell you how much I want the Bride of Frankenstein costume wig?! It was even better in person!

We checked out Girl of the Year Grace. Grace's Pâtisserie is to die for, and Grace and BonBon will definitely be joining us later this year.

Having the new store Finally Open was exciting, but we could not wait for the Grand Opening and to meet Maryellen!

American Girl Scottsdale: Grand Opening to come!

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  1. I've said it before...looks like a great day. Sorry to say I got a kick out of the doll hanger photos - yes, rude and embarrassing, but that's what parents do. :)