Friday, January 1

Karma chameleon

Checking out Lea's Rainforest House ($395). The Lea
slumped in the chair is the newest member of our Vinyl American family.
Boy, talk about what goes around, comes around.

Momma's wallet was stolen in November. The banks were quick to replace what was stolen from her accounts, but her gift cards?


All the stores said there was no way to replace them since Momma had not bothered to write down any of the numbers on any of the gift cards.

Sadly, that included the more than $100 in American Girl gifts cards that Momma was planning on giving my Big Sister for Christmas so she could choose her own 2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark on the release date.

Momma was devastated and told people on Facebook of her loss and disappointment.

That was when her friends (and some fans of My Blog!) stepped in and sent Momma more than enough cash and American Girl gift cards to cover the stolen AG gift cards.

So off we went early this morning for the 10 a.m. opening of the American Girl Scottsdale store and Lea's release.

After paying for Lea, we went to get her ears pierced at the doll salon.

That's when Momma spotted a small wallet on the ground at her feet. Thinking it was an American Girl accessory, Momma picked it up and casually glanced in it - only to discover is was stuffed with currency. Leaving my Big Sister and I in line, she went to find an employee.

Just as Momma started telling an employee what she had found, an emotional young girl rushed up saying, "That's mine!"

Boy, that felt good and one of the few times Momma could honestly say, "I know how you feel."


  1. Oh this made me cry! I am so very happy you were able to go and get the new dolly and help someone in the process! I am thrilled! Crying now! So happy!

  2. Addie, please Thank Momma for being a truthful and honest lady. You see, I am the Aunt of that little girl (her name is Erin) and she was so frantic when she lost her Birthday and Christmas savings in that little purse! Momma is a true example of a Hero to us and Thanks to her, our day will forever be a happy one! So nice meeting you all today and imagine our surprise to hear of our story! Xoxoxo

  3. Brought tears to my eyes too. so glad you could help out that little girl.

  4. Great story! It's a wonderful world when we treat each other well. Thanks for sharing :)