Wednesday, February 10

The next generation

I am so going to crush this!

First Wil Wheaton at Phoenix Comicon 11, and now his mom.

Well, his show mom.

Gates McFadden was cast in 1987 as Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a widow balancing motherhood and a career as well as Captain Jean-Luc Picard's love interest.

McFadden was replaced by actress Diana Muldaur as the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer
at the end of the first season. (Muldaur's character, Dr. Katherine Pulaski, didn't make it to the third season.) McFadden was persuaded to reprise her role, which she retained through the remainder of the series.

McFadden reprised her role for all four TNG movies and also provided her voice for personal computer games Star Trek: A Final Unity and Star Trek Generations. Also, McFadden directed the TNG episode "Genesis" (her only directing credit to date) and choreographed the dance routine in "Data's Day."

I shall be dressing as the doctor herself.

Wow, that makes two Doctors in one weekend!

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