Saturday, January 20

Black Box Warrior

Dear Not-So-Gentle Reader,

I know it has been Way Too Long since I last posted, but Momma became Seriously Ill. She was hospitalized for nearly Two Weeks!

However, things became Worse after her discharge. She was given fluoroquinolone, a strong antibiotic which has been in the Market since the 1950s. 

Fluoroquinolones are antibiotic medicines that work by killing or stopping the growth of bacteria that can cause illness. They are FDA-approved to prevent or treat certain serious bacterial infections.

However, within the last Few Years, the Federal Drug Administration has created a Black Box warning for drugs in its drug class. 

A boxed warning (or black box warning) is a type of warning that appears on the package insert for certain prescription drugs with a "box" or border around the text.

The usual reaction is tendon rupture, but Momma (of course) had the more unusual reaction of neuropathy, or nerve pain.

So severe that she called 9-1-1 after one pill. 

One Pill. 

One pill caused pain so severe she thought she either had a Blood Clot or was having a Heart Attack. 

The hospital said Momma had nothing "Life Threatening" and sent her home. 

Two more pills and continuing pain sent Momma into "Research Mode." She dug the pamphlet out of the trash and read it for the first time.

Bingo. Neuropathy. 

Nerve pain so bad her hands were Useless. If she did too much her arms and legs became useless, too.

So she began the month-long crusade to convince her doctors. Thankfully, the neurologist she was sent to was familiar with her side effects!

Since then Momma has had two carpal tunnel surgeries, hoping for relief. Nope. 

However, Momma is feeling a little better after nearly Four Months of pain, tears, multiple doctors, tests, prescriptions, and short-term disability from work. 

I hope to post more regularly now, especially since Phoenix Comic Fest is coming up with some exciting guests such as Tim Curry and Gail Carriger!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of such a terrible drug reaction. Thank goodness for the knowledgeable neurologist.

  2. Welcome back to posting. You've been missed. It sounds like things are improving. Here's to a fantastic year ahead! Can't wait to hear about the Con!

  3. Oh wow. How horrible. I hope that she feels better soon.

  4. Addie, We're so very sorry to hear Momma is not well and are hoping he is able to find comfort and healing soon.