Monday, August 8

We'll always have parrots

Oh my.

I am speechless, and as you probably know by now that doesn't happen very often.

American Girl put ma chère amie Cécile (and her friend Marie-Grace) on pre-sale last night.

While I am certain Marie-Grace (far right) is a very nice girl, she just doesn't interest me yet.

Parts of their collections are fabuleuse! and I can't wait to acquire them, but other pieces though are, um, well, répugnant in My Not So Humble Opinion.

And I can't decide where to start.

Should it be Cécile's Fabulous Parrot, Cochon? (What self-respecting pirate doesn't want a parrot?) But would someone please tell me why her parrot is called "Pig"?

Or the Pink Ruffled Crinoline I wouldn't be caught dead in - and please remember I don't say that lightly since a Yellow Jack epidemic is a major theme in their 1853 New Orleans stories! (One AG fan was disappointed that no "plague cart" was among the accessories!)

At least Addy's Crinoline was a plain (if boring) muslin. And My hoopskirt is black!

J'adore Cécile's Special Dress and think it would look magnifique on Me - with a few steampunk additions of course.

And the fancy gold boots. Gold boots! (I can't decide if I love 'em or hate 'em.) Did the designers hit the bourbon too hard while visiting Bourbon Street?

I can't even bring myself to look at the Fancy Dress & Fairy Costume photos again (Now you know why my eyes are weak!) so you'll have to look for yourself.

Check out Cécile and Marie-Grace's complete collection yourself. And please tell me what you think!

Meanwhile, Cécile and I shall always have parrots.

(BTW, I love everything in this catalog photo!)


  1. Some one their collection I like, some of it seems pointless and overpriced, and the rest of it I'm undecided about.
    I know they are different dolls, but all I can see when I look at them is Sonali and Elizabeth. Having said that, they will eventually join my collection, but not for a while since I have a few other historical dolls I need to get first.

  2. The last photo is cute. =)

  3. Kirsten wants one of the dresses, but I'm not sure which one she'll get. I'm leaning toward the one in your big photo above. After all, it DOES come with two bows, just like Kirsten's outfits... :)