Monday, November 26

Cameo appearance

When Clementine arrived I couldn't help but notice the delicate cameo around her neck.

When I asked her about it, Clementine said she'd had it for as long as she could remember and that she loved cameos.

I promptly gave her (with Momma's permission, of course) the cameo locket Momma got for me at Comicon.

It seemed appropriate to me since it continues Clementine's skeletal gunslinger theme and the locket and chain are copper - Arizona's largest mining industry. (Arizona’s early economy relied on the "five C's": copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate (tourism).)

Cameo is a method of carving an object such as an engraved gem, item of jewelery or vessel made in this manner. It nearly always features a raised (positive) relief image with a contrasting (negative) base.

Today the term may be used very loosely for objects with no colour contrast, and other, metaphorical, terms have developed, such as cameo appearance. Another generalized meaning is an image of a head in an oval frame in any medium, such as a photograph.

Momma has promised to put photos of us in Clementine's locket so we shall always be together.


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