Friday, November 23

Practicing safe Rex

Clementine and I got to go on a quick road trip today to keep Momma company as she drove two Cornish Rex cats to their new home in Tucson.

Clementine had never heard of the cats so I told her to read Momma's book, The Guide to Owning a Cornish Rex Cat, during the two-hour drive. (Sadly, it's no longer in print but it is available in many e-book formats.)

These two Cornies have been adopted by Momma's friend, science fiction and fantasy author extraordinaire  Jennifer Roberson!

Zoe, the daughter, in their new home.
(Momma's known Jennifer for 20 years. She even took the author photo for Lady of the Glen and was one of the people the book was dedicated to!)

Anyway, Zena and Zoe had to find a new home and Jennifer jumped at the chance.

Jennifer was going to come get them but became ill at the last minute so off we went to the "rexcue."

I told Clementine we were rescuing Zena and Zoe, and she got excited thinking we were rescuing Xena, The Warrior Princess.

I was sorry to tell her that we were rescuing Zena not Xena, but that maybe Zena was a princess, too, because she was a Rex. (FYI, Rex is Latin for king.) That mollified Clementine somewhat. 

I wanted to stop at Picacho Peak to show Clementine Arizona's Civil War battlefield, but she not-so-gently reminded me that she lived in Arizona long before me!
Zena, the mom, in their new home.


It was a quick trip and, sadly, I didn't get a chance to add Jennifer's autograph to my "collection."

Maybe next time.....


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  1. I am so happy to have them here! They are delightful additions to my household!