Thursday, December 6

Li'l Wil


My very own Li'l Wil Wheaton Plushie for a mere $19.95.

Which came first? The Internet or Wil Wheaton? No one knows for sure, but rest assured top men are working on the answer. TOP. MEN. Since the actual Wil Wheaton lives inside the Internet, you can't actually possess him. OR CAN YOU!? You can't, but you can own your very own soft, diminutive effigy of Wil that may or may not be a horcrux containing a tiny piece of his soul. I'm just saying, give your Li'l Wil a hug and I bet somewhere in California the real one lets out an audible sigh of contentment. Set it on fire and... well, you paid your money. Do what you want. 
Wil dared Joel via twitter to draw him as a plushie. Almost a year later the little guy exists in meat space. Call it the slowest replicator ever, but living in the future is pretty neat. I know you can't wait to knit him a tiny sweater. Spacesuit or evil clown; it's your choice.

Maybe I should get two and sign HIS tummy and send it to Wheaton.

What think you?

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