Monday, December 3

Running out of steam

Mortimer Mort
"What was that sound?" you ask? That was my Steam Team wailing in collective anguish.

Alas, while I was rejoicing in the arrival of my darling Clementine, members of my Steam Team have been mourning Wilde Imagination's announcement that there are no plans (at this time) to continue the Imperium Park line.

I guess we shall have to get creative ourselves.

According to the Imperium Park website: 

Theodora and Phineas live with their Uncle, Professor Kingsley Avery Knightsblood. A brilliant scientist, Professor Knightsblood took in his niece and nephew after their parents were killed in a skirmish with a Beastealiax patrol when the children were six and eight. Both Theodora and Phineas adore their uncle.

Albus Dumbledore
Personally, I think that Mortimer Mort from Wilde Imagination's Evangeline Ghastly line will make a fabulous Professor Kingsley Avery Knightsblood.

I don't know who Albus Dumbledore will be yet, but I'm sure we can figure something out. 

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