Sunday, August 17

Ghoul talk
Momma has been Scary Busy lately with work, which doesn't leave much time for Me.


Too bad for her, but that leaves me plenty of time to Time Travel and Surf the Web.

We're both still trying to find a Ghoul's Alive Robecca, but now we're also hunting for a Coffin Bean Robecca, too!

Not only is Robecca cute, but checkout the tiny Mason jar she's drinking from!

The Monster High gang can let it all fang out at the Coffin Bean, one of their favorite haunts. Carrying her favorite ghoulish treat, Robecca Steam is ready to grab a table for some ghoul-talk with her beast ghoulfriends. And even though the dress code is comfy and casual, this monsterista is always a fierce fashionista. She wears graphic prints, a sleek silhouette and to-die-for accessories. Her coffee drink with handle fits in her clawesome hand.

The Mason jar (also known as Ball jars, fruit jars, and glass canning jars) was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason.

But what is Robecca drinking out of her jar? Something steamed, of course: but an antoccino, breve, café au lait, café latte, café marocchino, café miel, café mocha, cappuccino, cortado, eggnog latte, espressino, latte, or a mélange? 

Personally, I think it's a Chai Latte: steamed milk and spiced tea. (Add espresso shots for a "Dirty Chai Latte"!




  1. Looks on the dark side of a chai latte, so I'm betting on a dirty chai latte. However, as a tea drinker it seems sacrilegious to spike tea with espresso. BLECH. ;-) LOL