Wednesday, August 27

Sweet Treats are made of this

Betsy, Tacy, Tib, and I are sitting up late tonight watching American Girl closely for the launch of BeForever and Samantha.

The first item we spotted caused all three to swoon: Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor.

One of our very favorite places to hang out is Heinz's Ice Cream Parlour in Deep Valley, Minnesota. (Ours is equipped with the retired Sweet Treats Table and Bakery Case.) This parlor will be a perfect addition!

Scoop up some scrumptious fun! Fancy, mirror-lined ice cream parlors were popular in 1904—like Tyson's, the parlor that Samantha visits in New York City. This wonderfully detailed set will inspire hours of imaginative play. It includes:

  • Two beautiful faux-marble counters with pink countertops that provide plenty of workspace; the front counter is for serving customers, while the back counter has an attached mirror with golden details and decorative columns, along with ice cream bins with removable lids
  • A pink faux-marble soda fountain, featuring three shiny fountainheads with levers that really move and a "stained-glass" lamp on top that really lights up
  • Nine scoops of pretend ice cream—chocolate, strawberry, and mint—that can be served in the pair of cones, bowls, or glass cups with shiny cup holders
  • A metal ice cream scooper with a pretend heart-shaped "key" that would have helped twist the ice cream out
  • A pretty pink chair
  • An ornate metal old-time cash register with buttons and a drawer that opens
  • A sign listing menu items
  • A candy jar with a removable lid
  • Two spoons, two lacy napkins, and a menu


  1. Price is so prohibitive to play no matter how cute! People must be buying the high priced stuff since they keep coming out with more. The mark up must be huge.

  2. The higher prices are financing the store expansion.