Sunday, September 20

Counting puppies

I must admit I am Quite Amused watching Momma make a fool of herself over the new BeForever girl, Maryellen. (I was very surprised that Sissy didn't get her!)

Momma is the same age as Julie, but eras can blend easily when you're raised in a small town. Momma relates a bit more to the 1950s than she does the 1960s for many reasons, including the wearing of hand-me-downs from her older cousins. 

But one of the things Momma likes best about Maryellen is Scooter.

Scooter is Maryellen's lovable dachshund dog. He's short and stout with soft tan fur and sweet brown eyes—and he's always looking for a comfortable place to rest.

And with Maryellen's Sofa Bed Set,

In the 1950s, autograph books took on a new form—as stuffed animals! This set also comes with a dachshund-shaped toy dog printed with the names of Maryellen's classmates.

Momma's family has had dachshunds for as long as she can remember. (Girl of the Year Lindsey has always been one of her favorites, but she was disappointed Mr. Tiny was never made.) So you can imagine her excitment when she spotted the new Counting Puppies pajamas from Target. Even the turquoise and pink colors are nearly perfect for Maryellen.

I'm detecting a couple of trends here, aren't you?

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  1. I'm thinking there will be an addition to your fur family in the near future.