Saturday, September 12

How to make an American Girl quilt

American Girl
Momma and I are both Quite Pleased that American Girl is giving the BeForever girls some long overdue attention. Not only are new items being added, but old items are being freshened up.

In particular, my doppelgänger's Bed and Bedding.

Once Addy and her family move into the boarding house, she has a bed of her own for the very first time. It features:
  • A sturdy wooden bedframe with an authentic “fly-specked” finish
  • A checkered pillow trimmed in ruffles
  • A muslin mattress that’s supported by woven rope instead of bedsprings, as was typical in Addy’s day
  • A beautifully detailed quilt—inspired by a Civil War era design—with nine squares depicting Addy’s family album
They kept the quilt! They kept the rope bed! The pillow has been changed from the realistic plain muslin to one with ruffles, but I don't care.
They kept the quilt!

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