Saturday, April 8

Unraveling the mysteries


All I can say is American Girl had better watch out. Target's Our Generation line by Battat is becoming a Serious Contender when it come to Cool Accessories for Vinyl Americans. 

(According to its website, Battat is a family-owned business that is almost 120 years old!)

AG still wins the doll department, hands down, but OGs accessories are becoming better and better each and every year.

Momma got Me the Under the Microscope set a few years ago. (We found a few pieces of it after The Fire.)

Under the Microscope Includes:

1 microscope
1 tube stand
3 test tubes
1 pair of glasses
1 Erlenmeyer Flask

Today she found the Highly Coveted Life Science Set, which includes:

1 molecule model
1 anatomy torso with 3 removable pieces (rib cage, lungs and liver)
1 book
1 poster

AND the Lab Class Set! It includes:

1 volcano with functioning light
2 phials
1 bottle of baking soda
1 measuring spoon
1 rubber ball pipette
1 bottle of dishwashing liquid
1 pair of glasses

She also spotted the Specialty doll Blanca, who comes with:

1 non-poseable 18-inch doll
1 shirt
1 skirt
1 lab coat
1 pair of socks
1 pair of undies
1 pair of boots
1 bow tie
1 pair of steampunk goggles
1 pair of glasses
1 wind-up robot
1 caliber
1 atom model
1 pencil
1 robot spec sheet

I am seriously geeking out!

Does anyone want to play Mad Scientist with me?


  1. The new doll and science sets look amazing! I wish they sold Blanca's outfit and accessories in kit without the doll.

    1. I suspect Momma will someday get the doll for my Big Sister ... and its accessories for Me!

  2. I love OG accessories! I just wish that they had a better distribution system. It seems like our store only ever has the bongo drum set.

    1. Isn't that the truth! Momma sees about 10 bongo sets for every other one.

  3. Me, me, me!

    Agreed on distribution and doll quality

    And I think we're seeing their success reflected in Mattel's responses (Willie Wishers in Targets???).

    I think it isn't that consumers want plastic but they want value. Of it's going to be plastic, it should be $50 or $60.

    I picked up all the sets you mentioned too :)

    1. We haven't seen Wellie Wishers in Targets, but we have at Toys"R"Us. (We still don't care for them.)