Thursday, April 27

Camera ready, set, go!

That sound you heard?

Oh, that was just Momma completely losing her few remaining marbles over American Girl's new Z Yang. 

We love Z's look (especially her beauty mark) but Momma's hysteria is over Z's Filming Accessories. 

(Have I ever mentioned that Momma has both associate and bachelor degrees in photography?)

Z's Filming Accessories comes with:

Z's tripod helps her steady every shot—and her backpack helps her carry everything to the next cool location! This set of pretend filmmaking accessories includes:
    • A 35mm camera with a colorful carrying strap
    • A camcorder
    • A smartphone with five interchangeable screens
    • A tripod to be used with all three devices
    • A backpack

I suspect that will be coming home with us ASAP. 

Z? The jury's still out until we see her in person. Will her perma-panties look as bad in Real Life as the do in photographs? Is her vinyl super squishy - AKA cheap? Inquiring minds want to know!

Meanwhile, it is bedtime. 



  1. Hi, Addie! I went to my local AG store on Thursday to get a look at Z. Her vinyl seemed normal, but those permapanties... they are bad. It's disappointing because Z is otherwise adorable, and I was planning to get her until I found out about this.


    1. Thanks for the report! Momma can always put Z's head on a better body, but AG needs to know these permapanties are unacceptable.

    2. Whee! AG is discontinuing the perma-panties!!!

  2. Hi, Addie! I agree her face is adorable, but I've heard her wig is not so hot, still reading the reviews. LOVE her accessories! And her desk isn't all that horribly priced either.

  3. Cute! I love Z. She inspired me to make my own stop motion videos

  4. Addie, we've nominated you and Clementine for the Sister Tag.
    Hope you can join the fun.