Wednesday, February 21


Momma is in tears . . . or nearly so. 

While going through stuff tonight she found a bag filled with Doll Clothes she made before the fire for her Greta Garb-Oh! shop. 

Skirts and dresses She thought had literally gone up in flames. 

They're a little smoky, but they should be fine after washing and airing. 

Momma does not feel comfortable selling items that MIGHT smell a little smoky, so We are offering them to You for Free. 

The nine Mexican-style skirts only need a waistband closure and they are ready to go. (They were made with Josefina in mind.)

The three Nancy Drew fabric dresses need their linings sewn down, then snaps or buttons attached to the back. 

Please let us know if you are interested in a skirt or dress in the comments and we'll make arrangements. 

Thank you for all of your support: for Me, for Momma, for Momma's Etsy shop, and for the Entire Family after the fire. 


  1. I am interested in the dress and the skirt. Either one you want to send. Both look amazing. I follow you on your Facebook page. Thanks Debbie

  2. Since I have Josefina, I'm interested in the skirt.

  3. Nancy Drew? We love Nancy Drew!

    Happy to pay postage.

  4. I'd love a Nancy Drew dress, if any are still available.

    1. Let’s see what Debbie decides. If she goes for a skirt, it’s yours!

  5. Late to the party, so no Nancy Drew for us. But that's okay. We'd like one of the sugar skull skirts if one is still available. Xyra can sew on a fastener. :-)