Sunday, February 18

Wakanda forever!

I am really, really hoping that Momma will take my Big Sister and I to see the new Marvel Comics moving picture, Black Panther, tomorrow. 

In Black Panther, T'Challa returns home as king of Wakanda, but finds his sovereignty challenged by a long-time adversary, in a conflict with Global Consequences.

I am excited about the new moving picture, but I am thrilled that I discovered a new Seamstress and Metalsmith for 18" Vinyl Americans because of it!

Not only does Nina make amazing (and sassy!) items for her Etsy shop, Small Scale Styles, but her dolls are sassy, too

For example, check out this dialogue two of her dolls (in the photo above) had Thursday on Instagram:

Cedric: I've got on my tshirt and I'm ready. Are you ready for the Black Panther premiere tonig...ok...You're more than ready.

Brown Betty: Wakanda for life!

Cedric: I don't think they're going to allow that spear into the movie theater, Betty.

Brown Betty: But it's for your protection, my king. And my name is Okoye.

Cedric: ...

Stayed tuned for more posts this week about Nina and her Etsy shop.  (You can get Cedric's Black Panther inspired graphic T-shirt there!)


  1. Outstanding!

    Xyra's boss saw Black Panther and loved it! (Waaaay out of his norm.) He didn't think some of it would appeal to kids, but he's not a superhero kind of guy and doesn't understand how entwined the Marvel universe is. I hope you get to see it soon; we want to see it too!