Monday, December 12

Getting my ginger up

Momma gets a bit strange during the holidays.

(Stranger than usual, that is.)

She loves the holidays. Starting Oct. 1 you might catch her humming It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year because, for her, the three months from October through December are the most wonderful time of the year.

My Big Sister and I agree with her and support her heartily, but my Big Sister can't figure out one of Momma's holiday obsessions: gingerbread.

"Why do you love gingerbread so much?" she keeps asking. And Momma hasn't been able to give her a definitive reason why.

Until now.

Of course it tastes good. And what is cuter than a decorated gingerbread man, woman or house?

But while we were discussing this, Momma suddenly remembered something from her childhood. Every Christmas Eve a woman at her church gave the children St. Nicholas cookies made out of molded gingerbread.

Aha! Another mystery solved by your's truly.

I think I shall eat a cookie in celebration....

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE gingerbread too! But I have no idea why. :/ Except it's seasonal...I love cherries because you can only get them for a couple months a year...