Thursday, December 22

Steamrolling through Christmas

I believe I have mentioned that Momma gets a little weird this time of year. 

One of her Christmas obsessions is Mannheim Steamroller, an American music group known primarily for its modern recordings of Christmas music.

(The name "Mannheim Steamroller" comes from an 18th century German musical technique, Mannheim roller, or Mannheimer Walze in German, and a steamroller which is a type of steam-powered heavy construction machinery
used for leveling surfaces.)

Momma has been to two of their Christmas concerts and has "a lot" of their music.

She's especially pleased that several of her favorite carols were included in Mannheim Steamroller's 1995 Christmas album, Christmas in the Aire.

Christmas in the Aire
was the third Christmas album and 21st studio album released by Mannheim Steamroller.

A year or two before the release of Christmas in the Aire Momma saw a request for song ideas for their unnamed third Christmas album. Among her suggestions was Angels We Have Heard on High - which they included! She got a free copy of the album and a letter of thanks as well as a mention in catalogs at the time. (Sadly, they misspelled her name - sigh.)

She's very happy to see that Angels We Have Heard on High was also included on their latest Christmas Symphony.

What is my favorite thing about Mannheim Steamroller?

Need you ask? The iconic steamroller, of course! 

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