Thursday, December 1

Pipe dreams

According to my friend Betsy, I am now a Perfectly Awful Girl.

You see, she caught me with a pipe ... one that does not work since there is no hole in it!

So why a non-functional pipe? Tis the season!

  1. Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows is coming out Dec. 16.

    I need to practice my sleuthing skills ... and appearance.
    Sidney Paget in his illustrations usually had Holmes smoking a long-stemmed pipe. Paget is also credited with giving the first deerstalker cap and Inverness cape to Holmes, something that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never mentioned.

  2. Santa smokes one.

    "The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
    And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath"
    A Visit from St. Nicholas
    Clement Clarke Moore
  3. And even some of the boys in Betsy's Crowd!
Betsy started reforming Phil. He smoked. He smoked a pipe. He was the only boy in Betsy's circle who smoked, except behind the barn. It was a wonderful evening when Phil gave Betsy his pipe. She hung it on a ribbon over her dressing table.
Betsy in Spite of Herself

Sometime before she had revived her last year's successful experiment in “reforming.” Phil's pipe still hung beside her dressing table. She discovered that Dave had a pipe and secured it to hang beside Phil's. Dennie gave her a sack of tobacco and some cigarette papers. Cab contributed a cigar.

Betsy had protested that. "You don't smoke! You're giving me one of your father's cigars."

"Well, gosh, Betsy!" Cab grinned. "If everyone else is going to be reformed, I want to be reformed, too."

Her father teased her about this enterprise....

"Have you heard about Betsy turning Carrie Nation?"
Betsy was a Junior

So now she has gone all Carrie Nation on Me and is demanding my pipe!

She even called me in front of the rest of The Crowd hoping I'd give in.

Betsy doesn't know me very well yet, does she?

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