Friday, August 10

To the rexcue!

Payne Street Doll Boutique
I am so excited I hardly know what to do with myself.

My buddy Inky discovered an amazing doll shop in Casa Grande while she was visiting Arizona.

The Payne Street Doll Boutique began building handcrafted doll furniture in December 2009, when American Girl sold out of Camp Bunks. At that time, they only sold single-sized bunk beds, but a year later they offered a full line of doll furniture. They continue adding new pieces to their product listing, including their new Animal Lovers line!

Momma has been involved with Cornish Rex rescue for more than 20 years, and even wrote a book about her beloved breed.

And now I can help!

Some of the products that will be featured include a Pet Hospital & Boarding Set, pet carrier, dog house, cat tree, pet bunk house, pet-sized bunk beds, and horse stable and barn.

Their pet hutch has six cubbies with latched doors. The hutch is approximately 27 inches long by 18¼ inches tall by 9½ inches deep. Built of painted pine, hutch can be finished in any color combination of your choice.

Other items carried by Payne Street Doll Boutique include:
  • Double Bunk Doll Bed 
  • Triple Bunk Doll Bed 
  • Quad Bunk Doll Bed
  • Trundle Doll Beds & Bunks
  • Ready-to-Paint Doll Bunk Beds
  • Newborn Photography Prop Beds
  • Princess and the Pea Prop Beds
  • Doll Tables & Kitchen Sets
  • Doll Couch & Chairs
  • Doll Wardrobe & Armoire
  • Doll Vanity / Dressing Table
  • Doll School Desks & Easel
  • Doll Treehouse
  • Outdoor Doll Furniture
  • Doll Gymnastics Set
  • Fashions by Aunt Judi

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