Thursday, February 16

He's an American Girl!

Whee! It's a Boy!

Momma, my Big Sister, and I rushed up to American Girl - Scottsdale this evening ... and made it with about five minutes to spare. 

That didn't give us much time to look, admire, and review but we did our best. 

Momma is flipping over Julie's Groovy Bathroom for $175. I have to admit the Allure of Indoor Plumbing is Pretty Exciting. The pink toilet is to die for (complete with blue "water"), and the tiny Love's Baby Soft brought back many grade school memories for Momma.  

Tenney is cute, but I doubt she'll be joining our Vinyl-American family. However, Tenney's Banjo ($28) is a must have for Me though. (Or maybe two so Clementine and I can Duel? Hmm....)

But let's hear it for the Boy!

Logan Everett ($115) is a real doll and long overdue. I was thrilled to see Kaya's face mold used again (finally) and with a different skin tone.

I was surprised to hear the Scottsdale store had only sold 10 Logan dolls, but they expect more crowds this weekend. 

My Big Sister's favorite was Logan's Rhythmic Drum Set ($68) and I expect it'll be making its way home with us eventually. 

Now to start thinking of band names. 

Any suggestions?

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  1. In some of the photos, I thought Logan's wig was a bit funny. It's nice to hear positives about him. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon were not so nice last week. I heard from someone else that one of the stores sold more Logans than Tenneys.

    I've tagged you for the Period Drama Tag. I hope you play along. :-)