Tuesday, March 21

Dreamy Great and Grand Luncheon

Whee! I finally got a story!

Tea Time with Melody Q is one of my very favorite blogs since it combines two of my favorite things: tea and dolls. 

Melody Q's mom Xyra has been very kind to us over the years, and even more so since The Fire. 

However, I changed the rules, so anyone who comments is entered to win, but I had to share this funny story. (I have an excellent consolation prize for Xyra, Kirsten, and Melody if they don't win!)

Winner to be announced tomorrow!


"Hey, Mel! I have to tell you about this dream I had!" Kirsten said, laughing. 

"I hope it wasn't a nightmare, Kirsten."

"No, no, but you'll get a kick out of it because Gramma Enne AND Great Aunt Lanie were involved."

"Really? Spill!" said Melody. 

"Okay, so I was in the kitchen making my favorite sandwich for school..."

"Ham and cheese, right?" Melody giggles. 

Kirsten giggles. "Yes, but don't interrupt. The dream is fading."


"So I'm making my ham and Swiss sandwich. It's perfect little bit of ham, cheese, lettuce, maybe some tomato, a dab of mustard."

"Oooo, did you paint on the mustard like the guy on Sesame Street who painted the number on the bread in ketchup?"

"Seriously? You have to let me finish...but yes, I painted on the mustard." Kirsten giggles. "Anyway, I had it ready on my plate when the doorbell rings and who's there but Great Aunt Lanie. She sees the sandwich and says, 'I'm just in time! You have to have some chips with your sandwich!'

"We sit down at a lovely little square table with a navy blue tablecloth and I give her half of the sandwich and she pours chips on both our plates. While we're eating the door opens and in pops Gramma Enne. We all hug and go back to eating; a third half-sandwich appears on a plate, the table is now round with three chairs, and the tablecloth is lavender...."

"House elves..." whispers Melody. 

Kirsten's jaw drops and she stares at Melody. 

"Sorry! Continue, please."

"We finish up our lunch and Enne says, 'What shall we have for dessert?' Lanie adds, 'Yes, we must have dessert, but not chocolate; it's after 2 p.m.'"

Melody giggles. 

"I go to the kitchen. 'Well, we have this lemon pie we can share.' I open the box and jump, 'There's a bite out of it!'"

"'Oh, no!' they say."

"Lanie pipes up, 'Oh, I forgot. I pulled this little mummy danish out of the freezer. I had saved it for you.'"

"I say, 'Oh, that's sweet. Looks tasty too. Shall we split it?'"

"'Yes, there is enough for three.' Enne says, 'You know what would be perfect with that?'"

"Lanie and I turn to her with questioning eyes...  'Egg nog!'"

"Egg nog?"

"Sure, the last egg nog of the season."

"'Well, okay.' We split the pie in three and the egg nog too...and that's when I woke up."

Melody laughs. "Well, if you're going to lunch with anyone in a dream those two are the ones to do it with; you won't go away from the table hungry."

"But I woke up hungry and wanting a mummy danish! Where am I to find that in March?!" complains Kirsten. 

"I'd be more worried if you wanted the egg nog!"

The two girls head off to the kitchen laughing.


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