Thursday, March 30

Nevertheless, she persisted

You may now officially call me an Old Battle Axe. 
A battle-axe is a derogatory term for an aggressive and domineering woman.

Perhaps the best example was Carrie Nation, who wielded a hatchet and made it her symbol. Not only was she a militant temperance activist, but she also became involved in the suffragette campaign for votes for women which cemented the stereotype.

So Momma and I were delighted when watching Doctor Who, and the Twelfth Doctor challenged a Viking to an axe battle. (Yes, yes, I know. We're a year behind.)

I knew I had to have one for myself! It took awhile, but then we spotted this beauty that sounded exactly like Peter Capaldi's description of the Twelfth Doctor's guitar: 

"We ended up with a guitar that looked like a Fender Stratocaster that had been described to someone who had never seen one."

Oh, yeah. I be jammin'. 

Anyone want to duel?