Thursday, February 1

She Who Must Be Named

Please Pardon my Excitement, but look at what Who Momma found at Goodwill today after dropping off a bunch of stuff! And she was only $9.99!!

Momma has not found an American Girl doll at Goodwill in 10 years. The other, Goodwill Molly, melted in the fire. This one is in better shape and came with all her clothes and a box!

At first Momma thought she had gray eyes, but decided they were blue upon further inspection. 

Currently sold as American Girl Just Like Me #23, she features:

  • Classic Face Mold
  • Light Skin
  • Freckles
  • Straight Brows
  • Light Brown Hair with highlights and a Left side-part
  • Light Blue Spiral Eyes

Now, what shall we call her? Who, or what, shall she be? Inquiring minds most definitely want to know!

Any suggestions?


  1. So lucky, I've never found a Goodwill AG, although a friend has. Best I've done, and I consider it a coup, was a Felicity I found in a thrift store. They wanted $60, and the lady running the place snidely informed me that the dolls were almost $100 if you bought through the catalog. The doll was in excellent condition, in a silly looking sundress. The kicker, though, was her tag. The American Girl logo...and "Made in Germany". An original Felicity. Not made in China. Score!
    As for your new girl, how about Emily or Emma? Her picture makes me think of Emma Watson, and I think would be in keeping with the era of steampunk.

  2. I have a few thoughts that are focused on steampunk:
    Princess Agnes Sinnettt the Bold
    Wednesday Grimm
    Penny Capodice
    Tick Tock Abrams
    Lenora Powers
    Briar Llewellyn
    Phoenix Lily
    [Aren't they fun?]