Tuesday, September 6

Keep calm and read on

Clinton Corners, N.Y.
I read about The Most Wonderful Library this weekend, and if Miss Sparrow and I weren't so firmly committed to our floating bookmobile I'd make one myself!

A TARDIS* library! (Well, sort of.)

It's actually a recycled K8 English Telephone Box in Clinton Corners, N.Y.

The good citizens of Clinton Corners got an old Telephone Box, installed shelves and put in a light powered by a solar panel.

Coed-y-Paen, Wales
I have since discovered they got the idea from a similar library in Coed-y-Paen, Wales (but a scoundrel stole all its books!), and a Northumberland Telephone box contains a heart defibrillator!

Now that's what I call living green! 

The very thought of a TARDIS library makes my heart palpitate. (It's a good thing the one Telephone Box has a defibrillator in it!) Just think how I could save banned books!

*A TARDIS is a time machine and spacecraft in the shape of a 1960s-style London police box in television's Doctor Who.

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