Thursday, September 15

Librarian by day, flamingo by night

I've already stated I loathe the color pink.

With one teensy-weensy little exception.

I adore pink lawn flamingos!

The plastic pink flamingo was designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone (isn't that the best name!) and has become an icon of pop culture, and won him the Ig
® Nobel Prize for Art in 1996. It has even spawned a lawn greeting industry where flocks of pink flamingos are installed on a victim's lawn in the dark of night.

Momma and her friends surprised an old friend today (He Who Shall Not Be Named) with flamingos for his big Five-0.


Featherstone flamingos are sold in pairs: one standing upright and the other with its head low to the ground.

And as of 2009, the plastic flamingo is the official bird of Madison, Wis., - home of American Girl®

Happy Five-0,  He Who Shall Not Be Named!

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