Tuesday, September 27

Let's be Frank: Diary of a Banned Book

I simply can't imagine modern life without Anne Frank's, The Diary of a Young Girl.

Anne Frank
Sadly, Anne Frank's diary has been banned on multiple occasions - most recently in January 2010 when the Culpeper County, Virginia school district banned it because the book was "sexually explicit" and had "homosexual" themes.

It's also been banned because "it's too depressing."


It's a diary. Written by a young, teenage girl. One who was locked in a confined environment for two years with no one to really talk to other than HER DIARY.

And yes, she died. What would be really depressing is if we permit this book to be banned.

I seem to have a theme going here.
See yesterday's comment about white-washing the past (future?) to make it more acceptable - or politically correct.

Philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Do we really want to repeat the shameful chapters of our past?

I, for one, don't. Even with a time machine.

I especially don't want a repeat of the Holocaust.

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  1. Really. I agree. What in the world do people think teenage girls write in their diary? Especially girls who are shut up with very little contact to the outside world. I read the original published version in 5th grade and don't remember anything objectionable except the fact that my dog ate it. Some people just don't appreciate good literature.