Thursday, February 28

Fearsome critters

Clementine insisted it was her turn to have an adventure with Molly so we went looking for that elusive creature: the jackalope.

I had heard of these supposedly mythical creatures, but Clementine said they were real and could be seen at most roadside attractions in Arizona.

For those who don't know, a jackalope is a jackrabbit with antlers. The word "jackalope" is a combination of "jackrabbit" and "antalope," an old-fashioned spelling of "antelope." It is also known as Lepus temperamentalus.

We found this gentle specimen outside of town. Molly was alarmed by Clementine's rifle* and raised her flag in surrender, but we assured her the rifle was saved for real varmints - not jackalopes.

*No jackalopes were harmed in the making of this adventure.


  1. I bet that poor jackalope has fierce headaches.

    1. You know, I hadn't thought of that but I bet you're right!